Cory Murphy Loss Troubles Joe

July 19th, 2009

amandaJoe also is a stick-waving, hardcore Lightning fan. And Bolts fans never miss a beat over at

Joe’s hockey-crazed sister Amanda is the most entertaining and informative Lightning writer in town. She returns from vacation tomorrow with The Rundown, her can’t miss review of all things Lightning from last week.

This weekend, Joe lends his take on Bolts point man Cory Murphy getting signed by the Devils and Len Barrie coughing up cash to keep his ownership standing. has you covered every day. Check it out now. Joe insists.

27 Responses to “Cory Murphy Loss Troubles Joe”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    What’s next?


    Oh wait I forgot no one care about baseball in Tampa. 😉

  2. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe owns the domain to

    People in this area do care about baseball. They are just too lazy and weak to go to a game.

  3. oar Says:

    I’m not lazy(well depends on if its yardwork time) or weak, but I could care less about baseball. I think it’s cause there isn’t deep seeded roots for baseball(yes there is spring training here, for just about every team too) here as far as a home team goes. I have lived here since, I was hatched and even played baseball, but never had a home team to root for growing up(well I guess if you were born after 1990 you do). The problem isn’t laziness or weakness, it’s the fact that the fans that are here are from up north and have thier own team and the Tampa born fans just aren’t that interested.

  4. Flea Says:

    Don’t be bozo Joe. If people cared about baseball in this area, they’d go to games, like they do in baseball markets. Anything else is just spin and you should be ashamed of yourself. Nothing to do with “lazy and weak,” they don’t care.

    Just like if a dad didn’t go to his kids baseball game, you wouldn’t call him lazy and weak, you’d say he didn’t care.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe do you also have the domain to

    But seriously baseball and Tampa just don’t mix. I’m pretty sure the owners will move the team in the next few years unless attendance improves and frankly with all the minor league teams playing in the area why SHOULD baseball attendance improve?

    Baseball season is TOO LONG and boring. I mean it’s the All Star break and most teams are already out of the running.

    Baseball should have a 1st half and 2nd half division winners who then play in the playoffs to make it interesting. Also cut about 30 games and maybe, just maybe Mr. Lucky pays attention – NOT!!!

  6. Joe Says:

    Oar and Flea:

    The people who flood the local sport radio shows whining they have to drive 20 minutes to a game are the weak and lazy, specifically. If one claims they can’t drive 20 minutes to a game, just admit one is not a baseball fan. Joe will respect said whiner then.

    TV and radio ratings for Rays games are quite good which suggests there’s interest. Just not enough for people to get off their arses, which is weak in Joe’s eyes (see previous paragraph).

    Mr. Lucky:

    >>> Joe do you also have the domain to <<<

    If Rachel comes along with the domain, Joe will purchase the URL instantly, trust Joe.

  7. Flea Says:

    OK Joe. More spin. And where are these good TV and radio ratings posted? Feel free to show us all, and feel free to compare them to other baseball markets. … Sure, we’ve got a bunch old of old guys around here who like nothing more than grilling ;ow grade hot dogs at 6 p.m. at home and turning on the Rays game for the night now that the team is watchable. Doesn’t mean squat.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    The problem with baseball is it is too slow. A guy can hit 10 foul balls in a row. What’s exciting about that? Talk about a Sport in need of rule changes.

    1. Defenders can hurl the ball at base runners like dodge ball in an effort to get them out. Beaning
    2. Base runners have the option to carry their bat with them to hit the balls being hurled at them. They may also swing on any Baseman defending the bag that interferes with their base running.
    3. Move the Pitchers mound back 10′.
    4. Cork bats. Why not? Anything will help.
    5. 6 Pitches per batter. 3 balls = Walk. 3 strikes = Out. Foul Balls are Strikes.
    6. Stop cutting the Grass. Let it grow to 3′ tall and call it a British Links Field. This will allow runners to duck for cover while being beaned.
    7. Exploding Baseballs, Egg shape balls, Hollow Balls, Super Balls, Water Balls. Mix it up. Never know what you will get.
    8. Mud, Mud and More Mud. Water the infield dirt to make it a muddy mess. Great for sliding. AT least 2″ of standing water.
    9. All players must drink at least a 12 pack before the start of the game.
    10. Increase the ball diameter by 30% and paint it Chartreuse.
    11. Put non-lethal mines in the base line. Bouncing Betty’s that flash and stun.
    12. Turn 1000 rats loose on the field to run around during the game.
    13. Play Metallica at maximum decibel levels.
    14. More beer.
    15. Build a mote with gators, around the entire field.
    16. Thunderdome.
    17. Dirt Bikes and Jumps for out fielders attached to bungee cords.
    18. Umps with whips and chains.
    19. Alice in Chains
    20. Chicks in bikinis, jumping on trampolines.

  9. Joe Says:


    You are making Joe’s point. People — for whatever reason — aren’t going to games. If this is supposed to be a good sports town, that’s weak. What do you want Joe to say?


    Joe believes you just described a Tampa Bay Storm experience.

  10. oar Says:

    At least the Storm are 4-time Champions and could get “fans” in the seats(they had record setting attendances).

  11. Joe Says:

    Joe never could get into pinball football.

  12. Amanda Says:

    So how ’bout them Bolts guys???


    If baseball doesn’t do it for you, may I suggest you head over to the Forum for a Lightning game or two next season?

    We already offer No.’s 13, 14, & 19.

    With a little luck I could probably sweet talk the league into overturning the rule outlawing No. 12.

    And while I can’t promise an on-ice re-creation of “The Man Show” (as suggested by No. 20), I will say the Lightning Girls have been hard at work this summer practicing their ice scooping skills which should supply a few thrills provided you secure your seats behind a goal.

  13. Flea Says:

    Amanda, do you have a trampouline? while that’s a very serious question, you do an excellent job on Joebolts. Another Cup run in 2010. Heard it here first

  14. Amanda Says:

    Sadly, no trampoline Flea. No hula hoop either.

    Thanks for checking out JoeBolts though. You know we’ve got you covered from now through that post-season of yours and beyond…

  15. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Sorry but the only thing that Tampa fans like less than the Rays are the Bolts… 🙁

    Trade Vinny!!!! 🙂

  16. Bob Says:

    Ok, here are the facts: This is a football web site, baseball people do not gravitate to football sites and vice verse. Football fans live it 24/7 all year round. Baseball fans enjoy the game for six months and then move on to other sports. All of the talk shows offer football talk year round. They don’t do that for other sports. Tampa needs to get out of the dome and get an outdoor facility. Another problem is that American League baseball is boring.

    This blog is currently talking hockey, get with the program.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    No way. Don’t trade Vinnie. I love the Bolts! I do miss Torts though.

    Amanda, I have been to around 100+ lightning games since 02′. Most of them were in 04′, including all the Playoff Games, Cup Games, and the Holy Grail – Game 7 Win. I watch the Bolts and follow them still. Hedman was a great pick. These new young guns may be able to turn things around like Malkin & Crosby did. Marti & Vinnie need to step it up though. I love Hockey, but the Bucs are my passion and I STILL have season tickets. I think if the Bolts could get Brock Lesnar on the ice they might have something.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    So Mandy, when do we get a pic of you in a bikini???

  19. Amanda Says:

    Apologies for my preaching to the choir, BigMacAttack.

    Hit me up at a game this fall and we’ll have a talk about this ‘Mandy’ and her bikini pic.

  20. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    >>> Sorry but the only thing that Tampa fans like less than the Rays are the Bolts <<<

    Until last year that was certainly not the case.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    I still disagree with that sentiment. The Bolts are much like the Bucs. A team that struggled, but fought and clawed their way to the promised land. Now they have both hit some hard times, but a great deal of resident Buc Fans are Bolts’ Fans too. You can see by all the Bolts’ gear being worn around, just like the Bucs. They may be wearing jerseys and hats from a few years ago, but they still support the team. The economy is the #1 drain on these franchises. There have been a few bad management decisions, but the fan base is still here, and I don’t think anyone wants to see them leave. Hockey is exciting. It is even more fun to play, but the Bolts have to put a much better product on the ice. They need to dig deep and work on toughness. The leadership is there, the hunger is what has been lacking. The Bucs are in the same boat, but both teams are still immensely popular. Maybe not with mainstream media and the liberal loudmouths, but the real fans with common sense take the ups and the downs. You just have to work a little more and a little harder in times like these. You just have keep being a Rock-n-Rolla.

  22. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe WOW what a hard core fan – along with the other 34 hockey fans in the Bay area. Meanwhile all those hard core Rays fans were at home watching Carl Crawford win the MVP.

  23. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky, Joe gets around. The Lightning practice ended at 8 p.m., just in time to settle in and watch the All-Star game. …Joe has a tough life.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Did anyone see the guy that resides in the White House. His first pitch bounced because he throws like a little girly man. His outfit was attrocious at best and was absolutely horrid. I mean the President of the United States has to meet certain standards in public. The SOX jacket was ok, but it should have been accompanied by a White Button Down Shirt and a Red White & Blue All-Star Tie (ok, any tie). He should have been wearing dress slacks with dress shoes. Tennis shoes and faded jeans were totally inappropriate. No class, no way, not my President. Not now. Not ever. And take that rat face Pelosi with you.

  25. Barak O. Says:

    Hey BigMac who asked you anyway?

    1. My pitch didn’t hit the dirt – get some glasses
    2. Michelle says I look good in my ChiSox jacket and she’s the boss so there…
    3. It was a baseball game and I’m NOT wearing a tie – I’m the prez and I can do what I want when I want
    4. Dress slacks??? You write like a girlie. Real men don’t wear “slacks” you old fuddyduddy
    5. My converse and faded jeans are styling boss – just ask my buddy Michael Moore
    6. I’ll give you Pelosi if you want here. Heck I finally got rid of Hillary now I’ve got ANOTHER white witch on my azz

    Besides only a weanie would dress like you state – either that or someone attending a Tampa Bay Lightening game…

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hello!!! It didn’t make it to the plate. It did hit the ground, and they covered it up, do-over, changed the footage. And your President is a Wuss! He sucks. He’s a socialist. He has no class. Presidents don’t dress like that in public. It’s called Decorum, Son. He ain’t my President. He spends money like it’s going out of style. About $10 Trillion so far and going up. Obama can kiss my ass, and so can you. Bow to the Saudi King. Apologize for past US behavior. The President of the United States bows to no one, apologizes to no one, runs from no fight. This Chump Obama is a Puss. A typical Liberal Scumbag, just like you. Dragging this country down into the Abyss. F him, F you, F Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Dodd, and all the rest of those crooked Demi-Liberal Scumbags. Your BOY has no class, no experience, and no common sense. He’s a flunky, a puppet who can only read from a teleprompter. I’m a 4’th Generation Former Marine and if you burn the Flag in front of me, I’ll whip your Ass. Obama is a Disgrace to the Whitehouse and this Country. Eff you punk. I’ll keep my guns and my money, and you can have your CHANGE. Dumbass!!! They tell you that all the problems are your fault, that you caused them. They strike fear in your hearts, and you believe them, because you are Sheeple. The consequences of these Terrible Mistakes will be felt for Generations. Wake up People! Open your eyes!

  27. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Don’t hold back – tell how you REALLY feel BigMac…

    From your post I can tell you’re one of those right wing zealots who attack regardless. Tell me what the difference between your attacks and Michael Moore’s attacks?

    Heck I called my repesentative to vote NO on the porkulis and no on the TARP bailouts but did they listen?

    Don’t attack the man attack his stupid policies. I guess you want to see a copy of his birth certificate too?

    I’ll say to you the same thing I said to the commie leftists about Bush:
    You don’t want to respect the man – fine. Respect the office.