John Lynch Calls Out Former Teammate

July 18th, 2009

Though it has died down, the past couple months was full of chatter linking wide receiver Plexiglass Burress to the Bucs.

Joe has written about this dozens of times and is glad the chatter died when Bucs general manager Mark Dominik esentially said, ‘No,’ to the NRA spokesman and future jailbird.

But the word is that the Bucs still need a wide receiver, despite the fact the team coughed up a lot of cash for Antonio Bryant (franchise tag) and Michael Clayton (free agent).

So outside of a few whispers, Joe is more than a bit surprised that has been little rumormongering about Broncos disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Well, let the rumormongering stop right here. Why? Because John Lynch said so.

The former Bucs great (and likely future Hall of Famer) spoke on WMVP-AM radio in Chicago and blasted his former Broncos teammate.

“I don’t like saying [buyer beware], but you’ve got to call a spade a spade, and I think it’s a dangerous proposition,” Lynch said, regarding the prospects of signing Marshall to a big-money, multi-year contract.  “I don’t think you’ll see the Broncos sign him to a long-term deal, because right now the behavior he’s demonstrated off the field, I don’t think you’d feel comfortable doing anything long term.

“I believe in first and second chances, but when you’re talking about 13 or 14… I think at a certain point you’ve got to say this guy’s got some issues that he’s got to work out before you can trust him.”

That’s a good enough source for Joe. In short, please Raheem The Dream, don’t go to bed at night dreaming of Marshall.

Let’s hope Lynch is equally as honest on the air next month when he is the Bucs TV analyst for this year’s three preseason games.

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