Potential Holdout Fallout

July 30th, 2009

As the clock ticks ever closer towards a contract holdout by Raheem The Dream’s prized young quarterback bride, Bucs fans must start wondering about the ramifications of such a travesty.

Gil Brandt, longtime NFL personnel man and NFL.com analyst chimes in on the subject in an interview with The Sporting News.

“Any player who misses more than three days of camp is taking a serious risk,” said Gil Brandt, long-time personnel director for the Cowboys who now is an analyst with NFL.com. “What rookies see at OTAs and minicamps doesn’t compare to what they see at training camp. Everything is accelerated 100 percent.

“Historically, rookie holdouts have a hard time playing well and they often suffer injuries after they show up.”

The story looks at seven unsigned first round draft picks that can least afford to miss the opening days of training camp.

Yes, bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman is among them.

“Knowing Josh and his family, I know how important they think it is for him to get to camp,” Brandt said.

Unless Freeman simply blows away the competition in camp, either McCown or Leftwich likely will get the nod in Week 1. Still, there is no way Freeman can win the battle until he enters the fight.

At last check, Raheem The Dream didn’t sound optimistic about Freeman arriving to fight for the starting job with his teammates on Saturday, though there are reports earlier today that Freeman and the Bucs are “very close.” And Freeman’s agent, Tom Condon, has been quiet.

Joe would love to be a fly on the wall alongside the negotiating table.

2 Responses to “Potential Holdout Fallout”

  1. Southernboi727 Says:

    The Bucs should just not sign him and let him re-enter the draft next year. Bet ya he won’t drafted in the 1st round.

  2. Ted Says:

    Let’s not get carried away or read too much inot the fact that Freeman is unsigned. So are 22 other first rounds picks at last count. The uncertainty of the current labor agreement and the looming uncapped year is creating a very cautious group of GM’s in the NFL. It’s also a misnomer that Freeman would be a camp holdout. You aren’t a holdout if you don’t have a signed contract. Technically, a holdout is a player (with a current deal) that doesn’t show because they want their contract re-worked.