Michael Bennett Settles Beating Suit

July 2nd, 2009

Shady events at a Tampa IHOP in October dragged former Bucs Michael Bennett and Anthony Davis into the civil court system. Bennett has now settled the suit that accused him of beating a man and threatening him with a holstered gun.

Former Bucs running back Michael Bennett called the civil suit against him that alleged he beat a man at a Tampa IHOP restaurant and threatened him there with a holstered gun in October “a bunch of hocus pocus.”

Now it seems all that hocus pocus might have cost Bennett a tidy payoff to make the case disappear.

The plaintiff, Brian Gordon, has accepted a settlement offer from Bennett in the case, said the plaintiff’s Tampa attorney, Jeffrey “Jack” Gordon, a partner in the local firm Maney-Gordon. Terms of the settlement are confidential, Gordon said.

Hillsborough County court records indicate the case was closed on Tuesday.

Jack Gordon said he was satisfied with the outcome.

“A very fair result was able to be achieved,” he said. “Mr. Bennett proved to be a class act; his attorney–Dan Lahrsen–proved to be an excellent advocate and a stand up guy. I’m pleased that Bennett can put this behind him; and I’m pleased that the plaintiff can focus his energies and attentions on the primary tortfeasors involved.”

(Gotta love the use of the word “tortfeasors.” That reminded Joe he’s not smart enough to be an attorney).

The suit alleged Bennett and former Bucs offensive lineman Anthony Davis — who the Bucs cut days after the IHOP incident – seriously beat the plaintiff in the early a.m. hours after a confrontation.

A Tampa police report states Bennett was not identified in two photo lineups by witnesses at the scene.

One witness interviewed by police said a man wearing a green outfit punched the plaintiff in the jaw, according to the report, and Bennett later told police he was wearing “a green hat and green longsleeve shirt with a white undershirt.”

No charges were filed by police. Per police records, Bucs officials were aware of the investigation and assisted with it.

After being cut by the Bucs and landing with the San Diego Chargers, Bennett told the San Diego Union Tribune in January he was “the peacekeeper” at IHOP, where Davis was enraged and out of control.

As for Davis, now on the New Orleans Saints roster, his civil case continues. And it doesn’t look promising for the big offensive lineman.

Numerous affirmative defenses filed by Davis were stricken by Circuit Court Judge Sam Pendino earlier this month.

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