Johnson Bracing For The Worst

July 20th, 2009

Chucky's project quarterback Josh Johnson is facing long odds

Unless someone goes down with an injury, it’s doubtful the Bucs keep second-year quarterback Josh Johnson.

After all, he was a Chucky project. Chucky is now working for BSPN. And unless Johnson becomes an intern for the four-letter network, it’s also doubtful Chucky will have anything to do with him.

What a shock!

But Johnson, though he knows the odds are against him, isn’t thinking about getting cut, per’s “Inside Slant.” He’s doing his best to give Raheem the Dream a reason not to cut him.

“When I first got here, guys told me if you can pick up this offense, you can learn any offense,” Johnson said. “What I learned last year, the little tips and tricks here and there, it’s helped me a lot this year. I appreciate the fact I was able to sit behind those guys last year as far as the preparation goes. I can apply it to the practice field now.”

Joe just doesn’t see Johnson hanging around. Sure, an injury could happen. But Joe would expect the Bucs to pull someone off the scrap heap rather than keep Johnson.

8 Responses to “Johnson Bracing For The Worst”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    I would not cut this kid, no way, no how. I’d see if he can tackle, play special teams, or receiver, something. Let him be the holder on Field Goals. I think he has much more upside than Leftwich. He’s mobile, smart and throws a rocket pass. I don’t know about the long ball but he is a crisp passer. Doesn’t he run about a 4.5″ – 40yd? Pat White is making a home in Miami. Josh is almost 3″ taller and can move too. I don’t know. They’ve done some bizarre things in the last several months. Cutting Josh wouldn’t be any different, but Leftwich? Leftwich? Who’s idea was that? I’d hoped he be faster with less weight, but they say he’s still slow…in practice, no pads. Game Day, Lefty is toast. Cut Leftwich. Keep Josh. Hire Mike Shanahan in 2010′.

  2. Southernboi727 Says:

    Wow. After a year where there where Johnson was the only black QB on the roster there are now 3. He’s my favorite out the group. Leftwich is a Statue in the pocket. Freeman doesn’t do anything for me. Johnson is a proven guy in college and sat a year. I hope that somehow the Bucs keep him. I’d rock his jersey.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    If I were Johnson I’d be looking for a job in the UFL. It doesn’t matter HOW good Johnson is there is no way he make the Bucs roster – unless it the practice squad.

    Joe has written it many times in the past and its true Raheem’s fortunes are tied to how well Freeman does and the pressure to get Freeman starting will continue to build.

    How many reps will Josh Johnson get in camp? Little if any. It’s sad because coach Morris said it will be an open competition but not for Josh Johnson.

  4. MTM Says:


    Its a shame that in the NFL. The 3rd string QB position is almost a death sentence for a QB to rise out of. They don’t get reps with the 1st string very often or ever. Which means they will never be able to show their potential. Maybe that is part of the reason there are not many good QB’s available. Or so we think.
    Brady was a 6th rounder Joe. I know everytime somebody starts talking about late round QB’s. Some guy’s got to bring up Brady.

  5. Joe Says:


    Joe believes Brady was a second-string quarterback, but Joe could be wrong.

    Yeah, pretty much third-string quarterbacks are stuck unless someone gets injured. Kurt Warner may be a better example than Brady only because he bounced around as a third-string quarterback before he got a shot as a second-string.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Brady backed up Drew Bledsoe. Drew got hurt, Tom stepped in and the rest is History. Brady is just above the Best of the Best. Peyton Mannng is close, and will one day be a fantastic coach if he stays with it. Tom has the Rings. Peyton only has a Ring. I believe the first time I heard the term Franchise QB it was to describe Tom Brady. Since the Brady card has been played, can we get a good Giselle pic on the site?

  7. Jorge Says:

    I’m going to miss Josh’s and Dexter’s speed when I play Madden. If it isn’t raining Dexter is money in the slot and Josh throws a nice deep ball for me…lolz…

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Poor Josh Johnson was completely ignored by Matt Bowen when discussing the QB situation in Tampa:;_ylt=AiW13f6XHsc5UD.Ouo23bduZ2bYF?slug=ys-nfcsouthcampcountdown072009&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    Guess it’s time to pack his bags…