“Getch-yer Orange Gear… “

July 31st, 2009

Props to the Bucs — and the Bucs beancounters — for breaking out all sorts of orange gear for sale to commemorate the Bucs wearing throwback jerseys against Green Bay this season and christening their Ring of Honor with the first inductee Lee Roy Selmon.

Not only can fans now buy Selmon jerseys from the Bucs’ website, fans can get orange jerseys from a lot of current players. Ten years from now, will a Derrick Ward orange jersey be a collector’s item?

All sorts of other orange gear can be purchased such as an orange hoody sweatshirt, a fashionable piece of attire to prance around in on a steamy Friday night at Channelside – and the Sam Wyche-style caps.

Joe saw something that he couldn’t believe was on sale and bought it immediately thinking it may be pulled: A Derrick Brooks orange cap.

4 Responses to ““Getch-yer Orange Gear… “”

  1. Nick Says:

    Why do we never play in our black uniforms???

  2. Joe Says:


    1) What black uniforms?

    2) I don’t any of the players want to play in black uniforms. Imagine playing in black uniforms in the brutal Florida sun.

    3) I hope Bryan and Joel are never that desperate for cash.

  3. Nick Says:

    yea true i just cant wait for preseason……. finally find out the starting QB…… i just saw NFL Shop promoting black bucs jerseys never thought about where they came from thought it was a new thing they were adding but didnt read anything about the whole ordeal…… thx for the response……

  4. Chad Says:

    Dont the jags play in black unis but im getting some classic buc gear.