Countdown To Training Camp: Secondary

July 23rd, 2009
Though Joe likes safety Sabby Piscitelli, the comparisons to John Lynch need to stop.

Though Joe likes safety Sabby Piscitelli, the comparisons to John Lynch need to stop right now.

Joe is desperate for training camp to begin. It’s the best way to ignore Pat Burrell. So in an effort to try to pass time between now and July 31, Joe is starting a countdown of Top 10 issues facing the Bucs. Joe will study a subject each day with the top item appearing Aug. 1.

One of the many problems Joe had with the shuffling of the deck chairs on the defense was that the lone strength of the defense was weakened.

Joe still can’t get over the fact the Bucs took arguably their best player in the defensive backfield, Jermaine Phillips, 30, and are trying to make the guy a linebacker.

In the NFL.

At the age of 30!

This has disaster written all over it, not so much for the fact Phillips has to learn on the job at the age that many NFL players are retiring, but it leaves a massive hole at safety.

OK, Sabby Piscitelli has skills, but let’s get over the John Lynch comparisons. Just because a white guy played in the Pac 10 and comes from a filthy rich background in a desirable oceanfront community that does not make him a potential Hall of Famer.

Then there’s this nasty little problem of Ronde Barber playing bump-and-run. Barber, as much as Joe loves him, is not a bump-and-run guy.

So the Bucs go from having a solid secondary to a suspect secondary. Throw in the fact the Bucs defensive line is so weak, opposing quarterbacks will have so much time to pick apart the Bucs secondary, they’ll be able to order a pizza — and eat the damned thing — before getting breathed on.

This thought has Joe so scared; he’s ready to inhale a six-pack of Caybrew

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