Derrick Brooks Talks Retirement

July 23rd, 2009

Former Bucs great Derrick Brooks appeared for a very brief interview on Sirius NFL Radio this morning on “The Opening Drive,” with Bob Papa and Peter King. For the first time Joe can remember, Brooks actually talked retirement.

Peter King: Derrick, tell us about where you stand on playing football?

Derrick Brooks: About a month ago, I heard from some teams that pretty much wanted me to play. I am committed. My body and mind is set to play football. I have talked to a couple of teams that have shown interest in having me help them to win. But that has not led to a contract. It is enough interest for me to continue playing.

You play this game long enough that you prepare yourself to move on. If the right opportunity presents itself outside of football, then I have no problem with closing that door to my life.

Bob Papa: Derrick, how are you handing being teamless this time of the year?

DB: I’ve never been in this position before Bob. I don’t know how to feel. Do I want to be with a team? The answer is yes, but would it be the right situation for Derrick Brooks? Let’s just say my patience is at an all-time high. I have to continue working out four or five days a week to take advantage. If the right situation comes about, then I’ll take it.

After the interview, Papa and King talked about Brooks.

“How weird is it that Derrick Brooks, A., isn’t a Buc; and B., is not with a team?” Papa asked King.

King went on to rave about Brooks and insisted he is still a valuable NFL player.

“Clearly, if Derrick Brooks is going to be a part-time linebacker and not play special teams, which will probably be the case, that means a team has to dedicate one of its 53 roster spots to a guy more for his intelligence and his leadership as much as his playing. I’ve seen how this guy prepares for a game and he is a highly prepared and intelligent man.”

King went on to say Brooks would be a perfect fit for a “good, young, talented team.”

2 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Talks Retirement”

  1. ChuckInJax Says:

    “Good, Young, and Talented team”? You mean like the Bucs?! This move still blows my mind!!! You cna’t tell me that DB wouldn’t sign for league minimum plus incentives this year in order to go out on HIS terms!!!!! Come on Duminick and ‘Dream, fess up and rectify this situation!

  2. Kirk Says:

    Retire Derrick, retire. Your day has come and gone. You were the best. Why keep this up? You are past your prime, slow and got caught out of position too many times last year. Derrick Brooks was the best ever at his position to play the game. Stop while you are ahead.