“Committed” To Phillips At Weakside Linebacker

July 26th, 2009

It was an Alka-Seltzer moment this morning when Joe surfed over to Pro Football Weekly’s Web site and read a “Way We Hear It” post from Dan Parr, the magazine’s resident Bucs insider and rumor-spreader.

Parr claims the Bucs have all but annointed Phillips the heir to Derrick Brooks’ throne at weakside linebacker regardless of how Phillips might struggle during the preseason.

Regardless of whether he makes a smooth transition to weak-side linebacker once the pads are strapped on in training camp, we hear the Buccaneers are committed to making Jermaine Phillips the starter at the position.

Phillips is unquestionably one of Joe’s favorite Buccaneers. And perhaps he can pull off this miracle being asked of him, as he transitions from the strong safety position at 30 years old. (Rather than beat a dead horse, you can read Joe’s unfavorable opinion of this personnel decision here.)

But Joe remains perplexed at how Raheem The Dream wants fierce competition and battling at every position, yet youngsters Sabby Piscatelli and Jimmy Wilkerson, and now possibly Phillips, may have a free pass to the starting 11? 

10 Responses to ““Committed” To Phillips At Weakside Linebacker”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I gotta call you out here – you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    For the past 6 weeks Joe has been startled/perplexed/smitten with the fact that Raheem HASN’T named a starting QB, instead the newest rookie Bucs coach wants to let there be competition.

    Joe has been railing against this. In fact Joe want’s Raheem to name a starter but much to Joe’s chagrin Raheem hasn’t done that.

    Now when Raheem names a starter (which Raheem HASN’T done; it’s been rumor ‘confirmed’) Joe claims this is an Alka Seltzer moment?

    In fact Jermain Phillips, (Mr. I’ve broken my forearm 3 times, Mr. I can’t stay off the injured reserve list) has yet to stay healthy for two consecutive seasons because of his brittle bones. That’s what worries Mr. Lucky more than Phillips being able to make the transition from safety to WIL.

    In fact Mr. Lucky believes that whomever is backing up Phillips will likely play/start as soon as Jermain begins throwing his body into the runner once again.

    So Joe what upsets you the most – naming starters or not naming starters?

    Mr. Lucky things that ever since Joe starting drinking Caybeer Joe’s been a little tipsy. Could it be that Joe has been to too many happy hours at Courtside Grill?

  2. Jon Says:

    Joe go to the doctors office and get prescribed for some ant-depressents. You have no hope for any single part of this team. If Phillips stays healthy I guarentee he will have at least 110 tackles and have a solid season. He is a player who is built to be a linebacker. Joe I would love for you to go find a new NFL team to go blog about so their fans get to listen to your shit. For example..


    Brady to the pro bowl.. Not so fast

    Joe can’t help but think Brady has no chance of making it through this season with that bum knee of his. The fact is all the hype of his return is garbage. A nuttless monkey could play quarterback for the pats and already be a lock into the hall of fame. Well joe is going to go drink a cold one and fantasize about doing illegal things to pats cheerleading captain. Joe hasn’t got ass for years!

  3. Kirk Says:

    I really enjoy this site. Joe always has something interesting to say. Mr. Lucky, I agree. Joe likes to play both sides of an issue. That way nobody can say he was wrong. Joe has fallen into the negative reporting, lets beat them up until they prove wrong me stuff. The Buccaneers will win some games and lose some. I have no expectations this year. Last year wore me out. I just hope the team wins more than they lose. I want improvement and if it takes it little time, I can wait. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. The Buccaneers are my team.

  4. J Lynch says Says:

    Somebody gonna teach Phillips how to tackle in camp this year?????

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Hang on fellas. Joe’s coming out swinging here.

    In order:

    MR. LUCKY: NOWHERE does Joe say in this post that Phillips is a confirmed starter. All Joe is doing is saying he got a queasy stomach at the mention of Phillips being already set as the starting weakside OLB by a reputable publication. The reasons for which have been explained many times.

    And Here’s what Joe last said about the QB situation, on July 21.

    “Ideally, Raheem the Dream would love to already know. The fact he hasn’t chosen a quarterback (yet) is, at best, disturbing. If Bryon Leftwich or Luke McCown haven’t distanced themselves from a rookie quarterback enough that Raheem the Dream is still thinking of starting bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman on the cusp of the start of training camp… yikes!”

    This isn’t saying there shouldn’t be competition, just that Freeman shouldn’t be in the mix in 2009. Big difference.

    The Dream can do whatever he wants. It’s been written many times here that The Dream absolutely can’t be judged until the Bucs play some games. The guy hasn’t coached a game. However, there is time and detail spent here studying how the The Dream is sticking to his stated plans and approaching his job. There seems (key word ‘seems’) to be some doublespeak going on, ie: naming some starters like Piscitelli and Wilkerson, which is absolutely fine as long as the players on the roster are all on the same page as the coach. But we are going to track it here.

    JON: Joe is filled with optimism about the offensive line, even without Sears, the running game, the receivers, even Luke McCown in 2009. Joe likes Raheem The Dream. Joe also sees some potential in the defensive line. But yes, Joe does not like what is happening at linebacker and the secondary.

    If you think Joe hates the Bucs, well, nothing could be further from the truth.

    KIRK: There is no prove me wrong reporting going on here. And there is no playing both sides of issues. Joe expresses strong educated opinions about the team he loves. It’s called being a fan. Being a fan — or a thinking human being — is not embracing every move your team makes. It is very human to think a draft pick is bad yet root like hell for the guy. …Joe can think of countless trades and moves his favorite teams have made that Joe absolutely despised, yet he still was able to root passionately for those players Joe didn’t think should have every been on his team.

    THinking Freeman is a bust-in-waiting yet rooting for him is not playing both sides of an issue. It’s called being a fan.

    Joe hated when the Mets traded his boyhood baseball hero, Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, in his prime in 1977, yet Joe still rooted like hell for the five clowns they got for him from Day 1. …Joe thinks the Bucs absolutely jobbed Derrick Brooks, but Joe is praying for his replacement to make the Pro Bowl …Joe didn’t like the Gaines Adams pick and was pulling for the Bucs to land Calvin Johnson, that doesn’t mean Joe every hoped Gaines wouldn’t pan out.

  6. Playahater Says:

    Joe I understand your concern. If Phillips is hurt who will fill in. That is my biggest concern as well. Hopefully some unknown’s step up this season.

  7. Jorge Says:

    I thought Phillips was supposed to be a 5th db in some new hybrid set? So does it matter what they call him as long as essentially he is a lb/ss that comes up in the box?

  8. Nick Says:

    Hey Joe, I know its rather random but i just wanted to let all know i just the the bucs logo tatooed on my leg…. True and Through Bucs fan baby.. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Whoa Joe – watch that swing there!!! Was that a helmet I saw?

    When thinking about the positions and starters think FLUID.

    No Joe, no Caybeer but fluid as in dynamic, changing, evolving…

    PS – how come Lynch gets a red name?

  10. J Lynch says Says:

    good question do you think I’ve got a red neck???