Tennis Ball Beating Puts Ex-Bucs WR In Court

June 8th, 2009

When former Bucs receiver Frank Pillow gets mad, he throws tennis balls. When Aqib Talib gets mad, he swings his deadly-weapon helmet at people's heads.

Working as a youth mentor in a Tennessee parks department, perhaps former Bucs wide receiver Frank Pillow was just trying to toughen up a local kid.

You know, old-school style. Kid steps out of line. Grown-up throws something round and fuzzy at him to grab his attention.

Firing a few tennis balls at a child seems to be merely a trivial danger for teaching the virtues of discipline, but the local authorities in Tennessee didn’t buy it. Pillow is facing charges of harming a youngster, reports NewsChannel 5 in Nashville.

One could argue Pillow began harming children while playing for the Bucs from 1988 to 1990. Surely, those poor teams scarred many a young football fan.

This tennis ball violence has Joe thinking about helmet-swinging Aqib Talib, who is one of the faces of the Bucs franchise and freshly-enshrined for all to see outside Raymond James Stadium. Joe wonders what Talib learned from clubbing his teammate in the face with a deadly weapon yet not facing any charges. 

In 20 years, Joe hopes Talib has his life in order and is doing nothing worse than throwing tennis balls at children.

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