Selling The Bucs Uniform For Ads

June 25th, 2009

Joe has already touched upon how and when the Bucs could team with the Florida Lottery to sell scatch-off cards for additional revenue (again, if Rachel Watson appears after the scratch-off, you win!).

Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of discusses how teams are selling their practice jerseys to advertisers, not unlike NASCAR and the tens of millions the Glazer Boys snatched from AIG to stick the corrupt finance company’s logo on Machester United jerseys.

Are regular season jerseys sacrosanct? Florio discusses.

One Response to “Selling The Bucs Uniform For Ads”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    This is a GREAT idea – the Bucs could generate tons of cash especially if they taylor their advertisment to specific players. For example:

    For Winslow place a GO ARMY on his uniform

    For Griese place an AA patch on his uniform

    On Sears (if he comes back) place a Paxil or Prozac

    On the head Coach’s shirt place an Extenze patch and we can have smiling Raheem!

    Rhonde Barber can have a Centrum Silver patch

    Jermain Phillips can have an ad for his favorite orthopedic surgeon

    Jeramy Stevens can have his favorite bail bondsman advertise on his jersy

    Talib can have an Anger Management ad

    For complaining about his contract maybe Antonio Bryant can advertise for payday loans companies – When you’ve got mouths to feed…

    Clayton can use the new GM ads on his jersy – it’s a new GM/Clayton

    The possibilities are endless 🙂