Raheem The Dream Wants More From Jackson

June 7th, 2009

There is hardly any doubt that Bucs fans in near unison consider (the bad) Dexter Jackson to be a bust of monumental proportions. Even Chucky had hinted since he was bounced as the Bucs coach that the Bucs “may have reached” for Jackson in the second round last year.

(To this day, Joe can hear the pain in his friend Justin Pawlowski’s voice when the Bucs traded down just when they seemed on the cusp of picking Limus Sweed of Texas, who later went to the Steelers just after the Bucs traded down).

So Jackson has a lot of political capital to build before he wins over Raheem the Dream. Whispers have come out of One Buc Place that Jackson has made some eye-popping catches. Even so, as Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune reports, Raheem the Dream isn’t yet impressed.

“You’re not going to know about Dexter until we get into the pads, until we get to the field and get across the street and into that stadium and the helmets are on and the chin-straps are buttoned,” Morris said. “But right now, I can’t complain.”

Joe has been alarmed that Raheem the Dream continues to openly talk about getting another receiver. This tells Joe that The Dream is not impressed by his receivers. How bad that unit may be will be known if the Bucs keep Jackson or not.

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