Plexiglass Burress “Is A Disaster”

June 19th, 2009
This womans husband is no fan of Plexiglass Burress.

This woman's husband is no fan of Plexiglass Burress.

Even with a few beers in him, Joe can think of enough reasons for the Bucs not to sign NRA spokesman Plexiglass Burress that Joe would be up half the night.

If Raheem the Dream is still on a Viagra high over the thought of signing the soon-to-be felon, maybe he should listen to Tim Hasselbeck.

The former Giants quarterback, who has an annoying yet hot wife, absolutely barbecued Burress in this video. Joe hopes Raheem the Dream watches.

Joe was firmly against signing Burress before he heard Hasselbeck. Now Joe is adamant: Stay away from this guy Dream!

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