Freeman Starting Week 1 “A Possibility”

June 19th, 2009

freeman-0618A lot of talk about the Bucs quarterbacks erupted in the minicamp this week when Raheem the Dream admitted his groom, bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman, has “accelerated” his development and is in the running to start the season.

While Joe cringes at this thought,’s Pat Kirwan does not. He suggests that recent history may favor Freeman .

Announcing a starter now may only be a half-truth, but it makes the selection process less complicated. Last year, the Ravens didn’t announce Joe Flacco was their man in June. In fact, the Ravens had Flacco third on the depth chart until a series of injuries and illnesses put him on the field. Flacco started out 2-0, and I asked John Harbaugh if he was ready to announce Flacco was the No. 1 quarterback. The rookie head coach was still hesitant at that point.

Is Tampa Bay set up to be another Baltimore? Freeman sits in the third spot and rarely gets mentioned as the 2009 starter, which takes all of the pressure off of him. Will he wind up on the field a lot sooner than people think? An AFC quarterbacks coach thinks it’s a possibility.

“Freeman might as well get on the field because the future isn’t Leftwich or McCown,” he said. “They have a good enough O-line and running game.”

I like how Freeman is flying under the radar like Flacco did in 2008.

If there is a perfect world, this Freeman won’t see the light of day unless the Bucs are behind by 30 or up by 30 this season. Joe firmly believes bringing Freeman along slowly will be better.

One Response to “Freeman Starting Week 1 “A Possibility””

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe gotta disagree about that assumption that Freeman should be allowed to play if the Bucs are 30 behind. WHY?

    Well at 30 points behind you’ve gotta be thinking/playing pass – therefore the D will Tee off on Freeman and before you know it he’ll be a “deer in the headlights” QB. We’ve seen it happen before – don’t ruin the kid.

    If you’re 30 ahead yeah let him hand off the ball and throw a few but not at the 30 behind position. If the Bucs play “normal ball” down by 30 points the fans will SCREAM for Raheem’s head – you know Tampa fans aren’t that patient.

    Seriously the only way is to let Freeman COMPETE with Luke and Bryon in the preseason – even that isn’t a “real test”