Pittman Wants Work

June 3rd, 2009

Former Bucs running back Popeye Pittman is unemployed. He wants work. And he likes the Tampa Bay area.

So, per Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune,Pittman’s oily agent Drew Rosenhaus has contacted the Bucs to try to get work for his client.

As a result, Pittman’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, reached out to General Manager Mark Dominik about re-signing his client. Pittman played fullback in Tampa Bay during the 2007 season, said he has recovered from a neck injured sustained in Denver last year and currently weighs 232 pounds.

“That would be nice to get back on the Bucs and finish my career here,” Pittman said. “That’s why Drew told them I would play fullback and catch some passes out of the backfield because that’s the position I played full-time during camp last year up in Denver. If they have room for me it would be nice to come back.”

Though Joe was under the impression Pittman played more running back, or tailback, than fullback, Joe isn’t sure what to make of this. Though Joe fondly remembers Pittman playing probably his greatest game as a Bucs running back in the Super Bowl — what better time to have your best game than that? — Joe isn’t sure there is room for Pittman.

If Cadillac Williams is on his way back as many suggest, the backfield is getting rather crowded. If the Bucs do sign Pittman, is it a sign that Williams’ return is not going favorably?

3 Responses to “Pittman Wants Work”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    hell who wouldn’t want a job that paid 500K +-…..
    $15 /hr +-
    in the real world
    good luck and best wishes hope you have a college degree that translates to work in this economy.
    or a strong body will to eat humble pie and take home a pay check

  2. mike Says:

    at 232 hell yeah bring back pittman at FB sure, i like askew but pittman has done his thing for awile, we have toooo many hope he does well or hes devoping. if pittman says he can play FB let him or didnt he say he would play LB if push comes to shuve if filp does not work out pittman is 232 buc it let him do it

  3. Jeff Says:

    IF we had room, I would sign him to the league minimum to play FB and special teams. He’s not afraid of the contact and is a team guy. He’s proven himself.