James Couldn’t Hang With Old Bucs

June 4th, 2009

Joe is a fan of basketball. That’s why he loathes the NBA. While Joe admits NBA players are the best athletes, they just don’t play what Joe considers basketball.

Joe is quite fond of college hoops and worships March Madness. Joe is also known to go to a high school game from time to time. It’s been at least 12 years since Joe has seen five minutes of an NBA game. This time of the year Joe avoids national sports radio shows like the plague because they try to shove the NBA down people’s throats.

Thank god for WDAE-AM 620, Sirius Radio featuring Howard Stern and NFL Radio, which Joe listens to during the day religiously, and noted English tourist Michael Savage.

One reason Joe is so turned off by the NBA is the league’s insistence on pimping only two or three players. It’s as if teams don’t matter, only the few high priests of the court. In that light, Joe was more than delighted to learn that former Bucs great Warren Sapp thinks little of someone called “LeBron James,” who (honestly) Joe has never seen play. Not 10 seconds. Never.

Infamous NBA apologist and cheerleader Dull (Dan) Patrick, who has a fetish for men’s measurements (ding!), has the galling habit of calling NBA players by their first names which drives Joe up a wall, had Sapp on his show and Dull Patrick was of the mind this James character would light up NFL defenses as a tight end.

In short, Sapp guffawed and said the first thing he would do is have John Lynch pop James under the chinstrap, and then he would have Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly cover him like a blanket.

You can hear Sapp’s interview with Dull Patrick in it’s entirety here

Now Joe has to take a shower for writing so much about the Non-Basketball Association and, more importantly, for linking to anything from Dull Patrick.

One Response to “James Couldn’t Hang With Old Bucs”

  1. e2 Says:

    whoa whoa whoa, Joe, why u dissin’ Dan man? His show is great man?!?!? What don’t u like about Dan? he is like the Stern of Sports Radio!!