Peter King Not “In Love” With Sgt. Winslow

June 8th, 2009

Earlier this morning, a passionate Bucs fan decided to spar with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King over the Bucs’ offseason moves on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Opening Drive” with co-hosts Bob Papa and King.

The Bucs caller generalized the offseason moves by the Bucs as “boneheaded” and King took exception.

“I’m not sure you can call the moves the Bucs made as ‘boneheaded’ but the move I didn’t love was acquiring Kellen Winslow and giving him that much money. I’m not sure he can physically hold up much longer. But at some point the Bucs had to go out with the old and in with the new.”

When the caller claimed the Bucs were better off without the purge in February, claiming that Ronde Barber should have been let loose before the others, King came back at the caller.

“How did those old players do for you the last four weeks of last season?” Papa then piped in saying, “At some point they had to turn the page. I’m surprised Barber kept his job. Very surprised.”

The caller then claimed Winslow was on steroids. King quickly shot the caller down but explained why he’s not high on Winslow.

“We have no evidence to suggest Winslow is a steroid guy at all. So that is not an issue. The issue to me is — he missed minicamp time this year but he has well-documented family problems on his wife’s side that he had to take care of and he did to his credit — that’s not an issue.

“The issue with Kellen Winslow is when Josh Freeman gets up and running, where will Winslow be in, say, 2011? Maybe he will still be there and I hope he is. But it’s unlikely he will last. His body has been ravaged.”

This is the point Joe has made all along. Joe claimed from Day One the Bucs could have had future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez for a second round pick instead of throwing it away on Sgt. Winslow (the Dixie Chicks did, in fact, acquire Gonzalez for a second round pick).

Joe has absolutely nothing against Sgt. Winslow. Joe gets totally fired up listening to him talk and wants to start hitting people (but not like helmet-wielding Aqib Talib) after hearing Sgt. Winslow speak. For Joe, however, the most important thing an NFL player can do is show up. Joe doesn’t care how talented a player is, if he can’t answer the bell, what good is he? Make no mistake, Sgt. Winslow is very talented.

But for the most part, for a variety of physical reasons, Winslow has been unable to answer the bell throughout his career.

Talented? Of course. Dependable? Well…

Joe still thinks its even money which tight end plays longer: Gonzalez or Sgt. Winslow.

That written, Joe hopes Sgt. Winslow has a long, productive career with the Bucs, if for no other reason it will give Joe opportunities to post photos of his way cute wife.

10 Responses to “Peter King Not “In Love” With Sgt. Winslow”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

    If you think Winslow will be gone by 2011 (I doubt it) how much longer do you think Gonzales will be in Atlanta? Tony is an upgrade for Atlanta just like Kellen is an upgrade for the Bucs – comparing them to each other is like comparing apples to oranges – it doesn’t register.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Also with regard to showing up for OTA:

    1. How concerned were YOU when Keyshawn didn’t show up for OTA the year the Bucs won the SuperBowl?

    2. Winslow had APPROVAL from Raheem for not being there

    3. Winslow hasn’t even played a game for the Bucs and he’s already committed to the youth in the Tampa area with the football camp – something that is SORELY needed and Mr. Lucky give Sgt Winslow A+ for his involvement there.

  3. uh Says:

    Don’t put too much thought into it Lucky. If the press says anything that runs counter to the message from One Buc then Joe agrees, if people like what they are doing then he disagrees. Not much else to it.

    Of course if we got Tony Gonzalez and the Falcons got Winslow then Joe would be whining about why we got the old guy when there was a young stud like Winslow we could have got for the same price.

  4. Fred Says:

    Joe you are the most negative peice of sh*t fan. You hate on everything Buc wise and literally cant get over anything.. I sware to god uve mentioned aqib talibs helmet issue 1244343423 times.. chill out

  5. Joe Says:

    >>> I sware to god uve mentioned aqib talibs helmet issue 1244343423 times.. <<<

    That number might be low but, hey, don’t blame Joe. Last time Joe checked, he wasn’t the one who decided to smash his helmet into a teammate’s face.

    Joe doesn’t look the other way at assaults. If Talib doesn’t want to be reminded of his assault, maybe he should have kept his helmet on (like any sane football player would in a fight).

  6. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe didn’t have a problem per se in aquiring Sgt. Winslow. Joe’s problem was the price was way too high for an oft-injured player, and the contract offered by Dominik added to Joe’s concerns. If the Bucs got him for, say, a third round pick it would have been better. A fourth round pick would have been a great pick up.

    As Joe stated above, he thinks it’s even money who will play longer: Gonzalez or Sgt. Winslow.

    And no, if the Bucs acquired Gonzalez (for a second round pick), Joe would have been doing cartwheels.

    As Joe has written several times before, Joe LOVES the way Sgt. Winslow speaks and gets fired up each time he hears Sgt. Winslow.

    Will Winslow be free of injuries with the Bucs? His history suggests not. Joe hopes Winslow is injury free for years. That’s Joe’s main concern.

    Of course, maybe One Buc Palace is staph-free? That would help.

  7. frye Says:

    You guys are the negative ones. Really you are. I’ve re-read this post, and all Joe says is that he would have preferred Gonzalez to Winslow and that Gonzalez represented better value.

    That’s all this post says. Oh, that and a reminder that he’s rooting for Winslow.

    Mr. Lucky, “apples to oranges?” last I checked Winslow and Gonzales played the exact same position and were moved for almost the same price (Winslow a little more). Why are you so negative? And how does one football camp mean Winslow is committed to the youth of the area. It’s just a nice gesture for a week from a guy who desperately needs to prove he’s not a jerk. Let’s see him work with kids all year long.

  8. Joe Says:

    To be honest, Joe is more concerned that no one has yet to have a comment about Sgt. Winslow’s way cute wife, even though Joe provided a link. 🙁

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry Joe, I just got in. She’s way cute. Not a replacement for Carm or anything but nice. I will only judge you by the Quan-titty of Quality Pics of the girls, but so far so good. I still like the idea of the hot babe Cheerleaders in the stands. Puppies and a Cold Bud, who cares about the score? Lap dances at the CITS. At $8/brew, I’d gladly pay $20 for the lovely RW to come sit on my face, I mean lap for a spell. Welllll Doggieee. I’m sorry, what we’re we talking about here? I lost my train of thought. Who’s Kellen Winslow? Does he have a hot wife????

  10. Bucs1Fan Says:

    Joe-Winslow’s wife is HOT. I actually saw them at the Taste of the Buccaneers last week and I gotta say she is waaay more HOT in person. You need better photos. Cant say if she’s hotter than Carmella because I never saw her in person. Anyway, as for Winslow, I think he’ll definitely be a productive member of the Bucs. Change will do him good. Cant wait for the season to start!!!