Another Burress-To-Bucs Voice

June 8th, 2009

What does the Bucs pursuit of Plexiglass Burress say about Michael Clayton's role in the 2009 Bucs offense?

Add defector Adam Schefter to the growing media contingent that believes Plexiglass Burress could play in 2009 and the Bucs and Jets are the only ones interested. 

Today Schefter said on ESPN Radio he doesn’t give either team a better shot of landing the future NRA spokesman and Burress might be able to delay the New York court system and remain a free man until after the 2009 season. “Why would the Bucs and Jets waste time talking [with Burress] if they’re not getting word he’s available to play?”

Obviously, the Bucs have the cap space to outbid the Jets (not that they would), and Plexiglass might prefer to leave the New York area for the gun-friendly and tax-friendly confines of the Tampa Bay area.

Joe would cheer like hell for Burress but is not in favor of the move, as loyal readers know.

But Joe can’t help but wonder what a Burress signing — and even the Bucs’ interest — would say about Michael Clayton, the world’s highest paid blocking specialist at the wide receiver position.

Antonio Bryant and Burress would surely be starters, and Jeff Jagodzinski has already made it very clear he’ll have a run-oriented offense and Sgt. Winslow will line up as a receiver and a tight end.

Chucky and the Bucs won a Super Bowl with Keyshawn Johnson, Keenan McCardell and Joe Jurevicious catching a total of 225 balls. With Bryant, Burress and a hopefully healthy Winslow, plus two great pass-catchers in the backfield, Clayton would be lucky to snag one ball a game.

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