Is Wilkerson Really Starting?

June 20th, 2009

Joe is a bit perplexed by a fresh Tampa Tribune story that names Jimmy Wilkerson starting left defensive end opposite Gaines Adams for the 2009 season.

What has Joe puzzled is that reporter Anwar Richardson makes this claim twice in the story – plus the “Wilkerson Finally A Starter” headline — yet never quotes anyone from the Bucs claiming Wilkerson has earned the starting job.

Yes, Raheem The Dream glowed about Wilkerson’s work ethic and versatility, but are we to believe The Dream is naming starters before training camp? Let alone a journeyman like Wilkerson?

That seems to run contrary to The Dream’s desire to have his young team fighting for jobs at every position.

That said, the Bucs bedfellows over at Pewter Report also called Wilkerson the 2009 starter without attributing the claim.

Nothing against Wilkerson, but Joe is reserving the right to believe he’s the starter when the coaches come out and say it.

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