A Moment Of Thanks

June 20th, 2009

The Bucs hired a leader

Today Joe is taking a moment to be thankful the Bucs landed Raheem The Dream rather than that clown of a new head coach who landed in Denver: Josh McDaniels.

Joe keeps a close eye on the Denver Broncos. Although a Craig Morton fan back in his youth, Joe is not a Broncos fan by any stretch of the imagination.

Fascination with Denver began for Joe this offseason when the Broncos and Bucs were searching for new coaches.

Raheem The Dream was a serious candidate in Denver before signing on as the Bucs’ head man. Then came the near trade of Jay Cutler to the Bucs, plus Jim Bates’ connection to Denver and Bates’ son relationship with Raheem The Dream.

That all got the ball rolling for Joe, and he never stopped keeping an eye on Broncosland. The occasional Son of Bob story out of Denver and the Chris Simms signing also helped keep the Denver interest going.

The Patriots got a clown

The Patriots hired a clown

After following the thorough mess made in Denver courtesy of McDaniel’s horrendous communication skills –now Brandon Marshall wants out — Joe is sure Pat Bowlen is regretting he let The Dream walk.

Say what you want about The Dream, who has yet to head coach a meaningful game, but the guy has the Bucs unified.

The Dream’s Bucs were out in Tampa on Thursday dressing like Darth Vader and bonding and playing paintball and loving each other, while the Broncos seem to be on five different pages.

More amazing to Joe is that over the course of weeks nobody from the Bucs has leaked the truth behind Arron Sears’ mysterious excused disappearance.

And for executing the gag order, Joe must credit The Dream’s overall leadership. So far, it’s been astounding.

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