If Healthy, Sgt. Winslow Shines

June 3rd, 2009

The main reason why Joe was critical of throwing away a second round pick on Sgt. Winslow was his chequered past and history of injuries and bad health. He is more apt to miss a game than dominate.

Gregg Rosenthal of Rotoworld.com via NBCSports.com ranks some of the top players changing jerseys this year and has Sgt. Winslow ranked No. 12 among players changing teams.

The Bucs are starting from scratch after dumping coach Jon Gruden, but the acquisition of Winslow should help whomever wins their starting quarterback job. Winslow signed a big contract upon his arrival in Tampa, which was a risky move considering his chronic knee problems.

Joe hopes that Sgt. Winslow can stay healthy. And Joe loves the game Sgt. Winslow talks. Talk about being fired up!

But Sgt. Winslow’s history suggests Joe shouldn’t lose sleep if he misses a game, or worse, games.

One Response to “If Healthy, Sgt. Winslow Shines”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Interesting link Joey.

    While reviewing those top 20 players who changed teams it got me wondering who got the better deal: Tampa with Winslow or Atlanta with Gonzales?

    Assuming they both stay healthy I like Winslow more than Tony – just because of the amount of milage Gonzales has on him.

    Also Joey you didn’t mention the “others” on that list:

    Derrick Ward – in Tampa

    Bryon Leftwhich – in Tampa

    and oh yeah Jeff Garcia LEAVING Tampa should deserve a mention for one reason only – CARMELlA (sexiest athlete’s wife of 2007)