Goal A Little Off For Raheem The Dream

June 14th, 2009

Joe salutes Bucs fans and the Bucs organizaton for a fabulous Fan Fest event on Saturday. When 30,000 or so fans come out to get fired up about football season on a sizzling hot day in mid-june, that’s just a great happening for the team and the town.

Let’s hope these folks all buy some tickets and spare a great football town the humiliation of blacked out games. 

Amidst all the excitement, the Bucs king of excitement, head coach Raheem The Dream, got a little over excited when addressing the fans. The Dream said he can’t wait to start the season and win a championship on the home turf right here in Tampa, reports The Tampa Tribune. 

“It’s been awesome just because of you guys, our fans,” said Morris, named to replace Jon Gruden five months ago. “I can’t wait to get this thing going so we can win a championship right here in this stadium. ….”

Joe couldn’t resist this hopefully innocent slip of the tongue. Last Joe checked there is no Super Bowl scheduled to return to the C.I.T.S. (aka Raymond James Stadium) anytime soon. Perhaps The Dream knows he has seven years or so of job security so he’s confident he’ll be around for the next Tampa Super Bowl?

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