Get Well, Scot!

June 4th, 2009

Joe is troubled to learn that Bucs legend and overall great guy Scot Brantley is dealing with some nasty health issues.

Seems as though he had two small strokes, was found to have a hole in his big heart, and has lost a significant amount of vision in one of his eyes, so reports Keith Niebuhr of the St. Petersburg Times.

Scot Brantley, a former Buc and Florida Gator standout linebacker, said Wednesday he is on the mend and in good spirits following recent heart surgery in Ocala to repair damage caused by a “mini-stroke” he suffered last fall. A second mini-stroke, sustained this January, caused severe harm to Brantley’s left eye. “I’ve lost 90 to 95 percent of my vision,” said Brantley, a longtime Tampa resident. “My right eye now has to work twice as hard. I might not ever regain vision in the left eye.”

Brantley is one of Joe’s favorite people. Just a really, really, really good guy and a linebacker who was tough as nails. Brantley was always eager to chat when our paths crossed and he never big leagued anyone. Joe last chatted with Brantley at Ferg’s prior to the St. Pete Bowl and traded e-mails with him shortly thereafter.

And though Joe loves Dave Moore on the Bucs broadcast team, there were few duos who meshed as well behind the mic for the Bucs better than Brantley and Gene Deckerhoff. Joe always made sure to listen to those two at games when Joe had Bucs season tickets

And who will forget Brantley unleashing decades of frustration, just like all Bucs fans, when Derrick Brooks sealed the Super Bowl win, by uncharacteristically bellowing, “DERRICK BROOKS!” as Brooks returned the interception for a fourth quarter touchdown?

Joe was wondering why Brantley seemed to fall off the face of the earth. Now he knows why.

Get well, Scot! There’s plenty of snook and kings and reds waiting to be caught, and turkey to be shot.

3 Responses to “Get Well, Scot!”

  1. Bill Says:

    GET WELL SCOT! GREAT GATOR AND GREAT BUC! Also have always enjoyed his time on radio with Gators and Bucs. His hit on Eric Hipple years ago is legendary.

  2. Bob F. Says:

    Yes…get well Scot. I haven’t talked to Scot in years, but I always enjoyed his work as a commentator for the Bucs and the Gators, and he was a fine linebacker for both of those teams as well. I got to know Scot when he and Steve Dueming were radio partners and I often called their show and got to meet Scot a few times. Scot is a very genuine guy. Like I said, I haven’t talked to Scot in years, but my sister got to meet him shortly after I had been involved in a very bad auto accident couple years back, and she told Scot about it. Scot knew who I was right away, and he sent along a signed football for me with a nice note about my recovery. That was a great gesture and it tells you about what kind of guy he is. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Scot!

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Oh….Man…….that is shocking news…..especially for a relatively young man. I wish him the best and offer a prayer.
    I can’t help wonder if this is related to his collegiate head injury.
    Damn !!!!