Family Pressure Could Help Keep Jagodzinski

June 3rd, 2009

A great 2009 season from the Bucs offense could catapult ambitious new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski into the limelight as a hot head coaching candidate. Joe explained this once before.

So while reading Joey Johnston’s new “Wake-up Call” feature in the Tampa Tribune, Joe couldn’t help but be a little relieved to read that Jagodzinski is feeling the pressure from his family to stay in one place and stop being a coaching nomad.

Q: [Johnston]: Pretty much everyone in your profession moves all over the country and changes jobs multiple times. How difficult is that?

A: [Jagodzinski]: Well, I’ve been looking for a house and trying to sell one in Boston. It can be very difficult on your family. You’ve got to have a great wife who understands. It’s hard moving around, taking kids out of school. I’ve got one going into high school, one going into junior high, two younger ones in grade school. One of my girls has been in four different schools. That’s very hard on them. My wife says I’m just changing jersey colors, but doing the same thing [coaching]. It’s a bigger change for them. It’s much harder on the family. Hopefully, we can have a long run right here.

Jagodzinski seems like a great fit for the Bucs and a guy who is capable of sharpening Luke McCown and developing bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman. The pressure Jagodzinski is feeling from home should go a long way towards keeping him in Tampa. And that’s a good thing, assuming he’s successful here.

The Bucs just can’t afford to be changing offensive coordinators as often as Chucky changes quarterbacks.

5 Responses to “Family Pressure Could Help Keep Jagodzinski”

  1. Alex Says:

    Things COULD be worse: the Colts Offense is now going to be run by Clyde Christensen.

  2. The_Buc Realist Says:

    Coaches always say this. They can’t get hired and announce that this job is just a stepping stone to the next place. Out of all fans, Tampa knows what is like to lose coaches to other teams.

  3. Jeff Says:

    He could be the next Monte Kiffin for the offense. A coaching fixture with a consistent top 10 offense year after year.

  4. Mike Says:

    It all depends on Raheem’s fate too. If the Bucs bomb, the Glazers might want to go after a higher profile coach, who more than likely, will want to bring in his own guys to be coordinators…

  5. gosh almighty Says:

    Jeff – based on WHAT??!! HE has never called a play in the NFL. Wow, some of you guys….