Joe Doesn’t Believe Albert Haynesworth

June 26th, 2009
Joe has serious doubts if face-stomper Albert Haynesworth was 100 percent coherent in his interview with Sirius NFL Radios Adam Schein Wednesday.

Joe has serious doubts if face-stomper Albert Haynesworth was 100 percent coherent in his interview with Sirius NFL Radio's Adam Schein Wednesday.

Joe noticed yesterday that Greg Auman of the St. Petersburg Times posted an item concerning offseason free agent defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth saying on Sirius NFL Radio that the Bucs offered him more cash than any other team.

Though Joe doesn’t know for sure, Joe suspects Sirius Radio sent Auman excerpts of the interview, not a complete transcript.

As avid readers of already know, Joe is addicted to Sirius NFL Radio. Joe listens to it daily (along with Howard Stern). So Joe was in the midst of transcribing the Haynesworth interview, as Joe is wont to do on interviews related to the Bucs, when he gave up.

The interview got to the point where Joe didn’t think Haynesworth was sober. Or maybe he was experimenting with foreign “cigars?” Or maybe he just woke up from a nap and was still groggy?

For example, Haynesworth claimed, initially, that the Bucs offered him the most cash followed by the Giants and then the Redskins, where Haynesworth eventually wound up.

When co-host Adam Schein heard that, Schein tried to pin Haynesworth down asking, “So let me get this straight: The teams that offered you the most money were the Bucs followed by the Giants followed by the Redskins, is that right?”

Haynesworth replied, “Something like that.”

Something like that? Which was it Albert, were you wrong or did Schein misunderstand what you said? Something like that? What a cop out.

It got worse/better.

Later Haynesworth claimed he never spoke with Redskins general manager Vinny Cerrato until the day of his press conference at Redskins Park after Haynesworth signed his contract. This took Schein aback and he asked Haynesworth, “So you’re telling me you never spoke with the Redskins general manager until you showed up to the press conference?”

Haynesworth replied, “Not really.”

What do you mean, “not really?” It just came out of your mouth that you didn’t talk to Cerrato. You either did or you didn’t. You either lied or you didn’t. “Not really,” really?

At that point Joe quit taking notes. Haynesworth was all over the map and Joe had no clue what was the truth and what wasn’t. In Joe’s eyes, whatever Haynesworth was babbling about, it had no relevance to Joe.

Joe has his suspicions that Haynesworth was talking nonsense confirmed Thursday night when a source with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Bucs front office told Joe that he knew “for a fact that the Bucs dropped out after the bidding got ridiculous.”

Joe is not calling out Auman. He likely just received a press release via e-mail with a couple of quotes highlighted. Joe seriously doubts Auman would have used those quotes if he heard the interview in its entirety live as Joe did.

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  1. TheBucMan Says:

    Nice read I was not saying we should take him im just saying I cant believe what I am told by Morris anymore. Hey Go CHECK out My OTHER BLOGS AS well.