Working For The Glazer Boys

May 13th, 2009

Yesterday afternoon while co-hosting “The Blitz” on Sirius NFL Radio, Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots all but said they don’t trust the Glazer Boys.

A Bucs fan called and asked how “long the leash” will be for Raheem the Dream and how long will the Glazer Boys allow him to develop a winner.

While the duo didn’t blast the Glazer Boys, a listener could easily tell the duo wouldn’t want to work for them.

Solomon Wilcots: Only the Glazers know that. They have pulled the rug out from under everyone. We didn’t see Tony Dungy getting fired. Could you see what they did to him coming? They shocked him. Then here comes Gruden and Allen, They shocked them. Raheem won’t see it coming.

Adam Schein: I say [Morris] gets three years and after three years, what you say “Solly” makes a heck of a lot of sense. Even though I have no idea what they are doing this offseason they should get three years.

SW: I think the Bucs are doing a nice job but will they get that time that is needed? This job will be much more difficult than Jon Gruden had his first year but not as difficult as Dungy’s first year. I can’t get a good feel of this ownership. They can turn on a minute; hot one minute, cold the next. They won’t hesitate to make a move.

Though Joe can quibble with a few things the Glazer Boys have done (signing off on cutting Derrick Brooks springs to mind), overall the Glazer Boys give their coaches ample opportunity to succeed.

3 Responses to “Working For The Glazer Boys”

  1. dave Says:

    Who cares what these 2 bozos say? Dungy was fired at the right time, as was Gruden. The national media look like the idiots they are, everytime they open their mouths about ANYTHING concerning the Bucs. It’s never anything good. I applaud the Glazers for making the moves they’ve made at the times they’ve made them regarding coaching changes. It was time for a change, Gru/Allen had plenty of time, and it was obvious Gruden could not get anything out of young skill players. We had to get younger and Gruden was not the right coach for a young team.

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    His future depends on freeman if freeman starts and sucks (which he will) I think he is gone after one year unless he can string the owners along with some kind of “wait and let him develope” con job he could probably get a few extra years. I would like to see freeman start and fail then we can get rid of both of them!

  3. MTM Says:

    The owners ultimately have to be responsible for all the decisions made. they hired Raheem. They let “Dreamonik” draft Josh Freeman, cut Brooks, Dunn, June etc..
    This is the same ownership. That watched Gruden play favorites in certain positions. How many times did I have to watch the Buc’s offense run 3 plays on the 1 yd line. Have to kick a field goal. And not put in Alstot.

    Who was rated at about 99% guaranteed to score from the 1yd line.
    That would have happened one time if I owned this club. My sneaker would have been in Gruden ass.

    So at the end of the day ownership is key. If they never learn from their mistakes. History will repeat itself.