Why Not “Yuengling Yard?”

May 1st, 2009

Joe likes football.

Joe likes Rachel Watson.

Joe likes beer.

Joe has the NFL Network.

Joe’s a man.

So when Joe read this morning via Joe’s Twitter account that the new name of Dolphins Stadium is said to be “Landshark Lager Stadium,” Joe had a brainstorm:

Financial institutions are getting hammered hard. The CITS is named after a financial institution headquartered locally. (Joe will begin using that name when said financial firm gives Joe a low-interest loan on his residence. Until then — up yours!).

Maybe said financial firm wants to get out of its deal with the Glazer Boys? If so, Joe has the perfect institution to replace the financial firm’s name affixed to the CITS:


It’s a great lager beer and is brewed in Tampa. And what goes better with football and cheerleaders than beer? It’s a marriage made on the 50-yard line!

Joe knows this won’t happen, but hey, it’s Friday and Joe is thirsty.

3 Responses to “Why Not “Yuengling Yard?””

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Why not have Man U sponsor the CITS. Call it “ManUre Field”. Then some of the money that leaves the Bucs can come back in. Put up a picture of “Doug the Head” from the movie Snatch dressed as a pirate with an 84 ct. Diamond Earring. Arghhhhh

  2. admin Says:


  3. The Beer Guy Says:

    HELL NO to Yuengling … that nasty pisswater is a PA beer — KEEP IT THERE!!!