Bucs Offense Doesn’t Need Boldin

May 1st, 2009
Sirius NFL Radios Alex Marvez and Jim Miller suggested Friday the Bucs dont need wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

Sirius NFL Radio's Alex Marvez and Jim Miller suggested Friday the Bucs don't need wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

A caller to Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Blitz” Friday afternoon scolded the Bucs for re-signing wide receiver Michael Clayton as a “foolish” move and wondered aloud about packaging Clayton in a deal to Arizona for Anquan Boldin.

Co-hosts Alex Marvez and Jim Miller not only shot down the trade idea, but suggested the Bucs don’t need Boldin.

Alex Marvez: Clayton is not tradable. You can’t trade a player that you gave a huge amount of money to because the signing bonus would accelerate plus he is one of the best blocking receivers in the game and there is something to be said for that. Now he has to improve his receiving skills.

They traded for Winslow so that’s like adding a receiver. He’s the best tight they’ve had since Jimmie Giles or maybe Jackie Harris.

If Boldin comes in, he wants a new deal and then how does Antonio Bryant feel? He’s upset then. You would mess with locker room chemistry. There is some sensitivity there. They want to be a close knit team.

Jim Miller: Adding Ward and Winslow, and then they have those two big receivers. And don’t forget Maurice Stovall. Jeff Jagodzinski will clean up the verbiage. He will simplify the offense.

The Bucs have a good running back to run the rock and those big receivers. That is the focal point.  I’m not saying Freeman will get on the field. It looks like Luke McCown but apparently he didn’t light things up in the minicamp.

I think Freeman will have to sit a year. I do not expect Griese or Josh Johnson to be on the roster much longer. This offense should be pretty good. They have a lot of weapons and a great offensive line.

AM: The Bucs spent a second round pick last year on Dexter Jackson. Maybe they try to get something out of him? I feel confident and good about the Bucs offense. I wonder if Gruden wishes he had this kind of talent?

JM: He always had to bring in veterans at quarterback. Gruden likes the veterans. He had to do that for receivers too. Historically Jagodzinski likes to takes shots down the field and now he has receivers that can go down field and he has the running backs. They have the weapons. It should be a high octane offense. They should put up the points.

7 Responses to “Bucs Offense Doesn’t Need Boldin”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Well THAT has been the most positive comment I’ve read/heard about the Bucs since…well since…heck it’s been so long since I’ve read ANYTHING positive about the Bucs!

    What I did find interesting is how they presume that coach Jeff Jags will “simplify the offense” – about time.

    I really, really, really hope they’re right about the Bucs offense putting up those points because I’m afraid the Bucs defense hasn’t been sufficiently “shored up”

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    I disagree boldin is a really tough player and thats the kind of player that raqueen said he wanted so why didnt they try to sign him?

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Why….might he make the rookie QB look good ?

  4. 0-16 Says:

    Well i disagree with the article, i belive that we need boldin and, wee need him bad! aren´t you guys sick of 1 WR per season under gruden?…remember how the other team would take away galloway and goodbye passing offense, samething with bryant after all he is on a 1-year deal, so after this season he could walk away, boldin is much much better than Can´t Catch clayton in everyway that it matters! i don´t care if ccc blocks better HE´S A WD!!! He needs to catch! and score!!!

  5. JK Says:

    High octane offense, now that’s funny!! Poor quarterback, whoever it ends up being.

  6. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:


  7. MTM Says:

    Getting Boldin would make a lot sense. The offense is one injury away from being crippled. Who gives a rats ass if “Cryant ” is unhappy. He is a player that lives to bitch. Boldin would actually set him up for more one on one coverage. Which would make his stats better. The Buc’s need to find a way to pull off the Boldin deal with out giving away very much. Boldin wants to be in Florida. So you have the Dolphins, Jags and Buc’s that could pull the trigger.
    The Jag’s probably don’t need him. So it wold be between the Buc’s and Dolphins. And the dolphins under Parcels probably won’t make that deal. because it is not Parcels style.