What If… ?

May 7th, 2009
What if the Packers had agreed to trade Brett Favre to the Bucs last summer?

What if the Packers had agreed to trade Brett Favre to the Bucs last summer?

How different would things have been had Brett Favre actually played for the Bucs last season?

Would Favre had helped the Bucs get in the playoffs? One this is certain, he would have likely lit up Dallass. That’s one win right there which the Bucs didn’t get.

Would Chucky have survived?

Monte Kiffin would have been gone regardless. Raheem the Dream would be the Bucs’ defensive coordinator. Derrick Brooks still likely would have been here. So too Warrick Dunn and Ike Hilliard.

But Vacation Man suggests nothing would have changed even with Favre.

But all that quarterback shuffling didn’t really have that much of a negative impact as the Bucs started 9-3. At best, they might have had the same start with Favre. The Jets started fast, too.

The Bucs and Jets both folded down the stretch and part of New York’s problem was that Favre’s age caught up to him. For reasons that went far beyond quarterback play, the Bucs also collapsed, losing their last four games and finishing out of the playoffs.

I say the collapse might have been even worse if Favre was with the Bucs. It might have started even sooner.

Joe won’t go there. Joe’s confident the Bucs would have made the playoffs. As a result, Chucky would still be here as would others (see above).

6 Responses to “What If… ?”

  1. JK Says:

    Vacation man is right. The defense collapsed in the last four games, not the offense. No one wants to acknowledge that for some reason. That’s why it didn’t matter who was quarterback.

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    WRONG WRONG WRONG As much as I hate favre if he had played we probably would have been 10 and 6 and that gets us into the playoffs!

  3. cH Says:

    That’s your answer.
    The dude is a clown.
    A on-time very good player with an erratic nature and tendency for the dramatic has become an erratic, irrational mercenary looking to cash in to get that new powerboat and 80,000 square foot wing built onto his mansion. Get him the heck out of here. He coulda owned Wisconsin for the remainder of his days but he made a choice…..a very revealing choice, and boys….it weren’t no good choice. Adios Chucker Favre…….

  4. RastaMon Says:

    we would have moved back a few dfrat slots and bought another year of the same compromise….let the rebuilding continue !

  5. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:


  6. cH Says:

    ….man I hate Joe Buck.
    oh, sorry, wrong site….