“I Wanted To Say ‘No.'”

May 7th, 2009

Since it’s painfully obvious the only MSM journalist in the Tampa Bay area with NFL Network is Gary Shelton — Joe asks again, how in the world can an NFL beat writer or anyone remotely covering an NFL team not have the NFL Network? — Joe is confident, without doing much research, that this little nugget has floated by the local pen and mic club.

Raheem the Dream was recently featured on NFL Network and he had a little bit of a bombshell. Raheem the Dream claims he was so loyal to Chucky, that when Raheem the Dream was offered Chucky’s job less than 24 hours after Chucky was canned, Raheem the Dream nearly turned the Glazer Boys down.

“It was a bittersweet moment for me,” Raheem the Dream told NFL Network’s Scott Hansen, who used to be a local sports anchor at WFTS-TV. “I wanted to say, ‘No.'”

Raheem the Dream went on to rave about former Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin calling him, “The Mentor.” He also said of cutting Derrick Brooks, “You never get over that.”

Joe generally thinks Raheem the Dream talks a lot but says nothing, if not sometimes taking liberty with the truth. This interview is by far Raheem the Dream’s best sitdown.

Nice work, Mr. Hansen.

6 Responses to ““I Wanted To Say ‘No.'””

  1. kmattin Says:

    Kinda like this article, a lot of words, but says nothing. Your constant peeing on the back of coach Morris’ leg makes me wonder just what this guy did to you. Letting go of Derrick Brooks was the right thing to do. The guy is over the hill. The same thing you barked about coach Gruden. Too many old guys. What do you think Brooks would contribute to this team? Leadership? Well, sure, but how far would that go when the younger guys standing on the sideline waiting for their turn, watch him out of position or getting knocked on his butt or just can’t get to the ball anymore. Old legs and a sharp mind go no where for a player in the NFL. You have a right to crap all over this team as much as you like, but what, just what, if they do half decent. Will you man up say you were wrong? Or, just find something else to whine about.
    Just so you don’t get the idea I have something personal against you. I don’t. Just feel like if you are going to pee on somebody’s leg, I can do the same to you. Don’t worry dude, its just rain.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Golly kmattin – Nothing here at JoeBucsFan.com craps all over the Bucs.

    Here we sing the praises of the draft picks we like, and the exciting rookie free agents, too. We also think Raheem The Dream has a chance to be a fantastic head coach and Dominik at GM, as well. As for Dream, there’s no way to judge any of his coaching prowess until they lace’em up on Sundays.

    However, here at JoeBucsFan.com we boo and hiss at the moves we don’t like and give our take on everything, positive or negative.. …And regarding Derrick Brooks, the last we checked he’s just one man. And only one other man would be on the sideline while Brooks was playing, not legions of players as you seem to imply. And Brooks wasn’t even in on every down, so he surely wasn’t holding anyone back. The reality is Brooks made the Pro Bowl – partially on merit – and isn’t completely washed up, and the Bucs have recruited a 30-year-old banged up safety to try and take his place. They would have been much better served with Brooks for 2009. ….Lastly, not sure where you got the idea that JoeBucsFan.com was ever against Chucky because he had too many older players. If nothing else, the veterans have always been celebrated and appreciated by the writers here.

    Feel free to keep urinating. And thanks for visiting JoeBucsFan.com

  3. kmattin Says:

    For the record, I enjoy this site a great deal. You are very god writer, better than anything I read in the fish wraps. Your point of view for the most part is spot on and refreshing. With that said, Derrick Brooks was my favorite player for a long time. I was not overwhelmed by his departure, but I also know that with change, sometimes things have to change and he was one of them. I wish he was retained in a player coach type situation, but the FA saw it another way.
    The younger players on the sideline waiting, may not have been backing him up, but watching how the head coach reacts to an older player, over the hill, making a lot of money and not producing. There goes the locker room.
    Change in the Buccaneer organization was needed. I don’t know who you would have chosen for coach, you never did answer my question from another article, but coach Morris is what we have and I feel we at least could give the guy a chance.
    Keep on with your boos and hisses, believe it our not, I agree with your opinion more times than not.

  4. Cameron Simms Says:

    Keep up the good work joe, you tell it like it is, many of the people who write to complain are gruden lovers and, they can´t understand people who didn´t like gruden nor raheem “nightmare” morris. I bet by this time next year he´ll get fired along with dominick, 50% chance they survive but i give them a shelf life of 2 years max! (counting this year). The glazers are not paying attention to the bucs, MAN U keeps on wining and they´re about to play the UCL final, and they are the front runners for the premier league… so unless be bring someone like cowher this team will be the next cleveland browns.

  5. kmattin Says:

    Cameron…………….I have never been nor never will be a Jon Gruden lover, but I think he did do a half way decent job once and a while.
    It’s people like you who love to complain about everything. Coach Morris has not even coached his first game and you are giving him a 50% chance? Nice guy.
    I ask you Cameron……………………….who would you have hired for head coach? Please don’t tell me Cower, because you and I both know he will never work here. Come on smart guy, give it up……who?
    Go mumble in your beer and complain about everything. We are quickly becoming a nation of whiners and a people who look for negative like there is a reward for it.

  6. Joe Says:

    >>> For the record, I enjoy this site a great deal. You are very god writer, better than anything I read in the fish wraps. <<<

    Thanks all for the kind words. But let’s not get carried away. Joe’s not yet a deity. 🙂