Talib Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

May 23rd, 2009

Joe discussed the Aqib Talib assault earlier in the week. The habitual pot smoker swung his helmet a Donald Penn, only to crack Torrie Cox in the grill.

Joe totally understands how tempers can flare in practice; likely happens each session. Swinging a fist is one thing. Swinging a weapon like a helmet is another. That’s no different than a baseball player swinging a bat at another player’s head and maybe worse than a hockey player cracking his stick over the head of someone else.

And Joe has to ask, what moron would remove his helmet in a football fight? (See above.)

The only reason Joe brings this up again is because Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune has penned a column on the subject. As can be expected from Fennelly, it’s a well-written piece.

Wednesday, for the second time in as many years, Talib turned pewter punk. He transformed an organized team activity into an organized team assault, clashing with offensive lineman Donald Penn before swinging his helmet at him. Talib instead hit fellow cornerback Torrie Cox in the melon. Cox needed stitches. Talib needs sedation.

Fennelly suggests some of the lunkheads on the Bucs (see above) are taking Raheem the Dream’s words the wrong way. The Dream has often said he wants a “violent” team.

It appears some of the muscleheads with the Bucs (see above) don’t know the difference between a violent tackle and an assault.

One Response to “Talib Needs To Be Taught A Lesson”

  1. MTM Says:

    Teach Talib a lesson let him play for the Dream for one season. That should be punishment enough. Or trade him to the Raiders.