10 Things Joe Loves About The Bucs

May 24th, 2009
Jermaine Phillips is one of the many beloved players on the Bucs roster

Jermaine Phillips is one of the many beloved players on the Bucs roster

Joe is sometimes accused of being one who spews only negative thoughts about the Bucs. Of course, regular JoeBucsFan.com readers know that’s completely inaccurate. Newcomers can confirm that quickly in the archives.

Today, in an effort to soothe those who think Joe is filled with too much negativity, Joe brings you 10 things he loves about the 2009 Buccaneers:

1) Management: Bucs management understands that a man just 23 years old like Aqib Talib may be a bit immature and attempt to mame a co-worker with a deadly weapon. Joe only wishes his employer was so patient and responsive.

2) Josh Johnson: Joe likes how this young quarterback has dealt with his new head coach telling him and the media he’d compete for the starting quarterback job and then drafting Josh Freeman — the “franchise” QB the head coach coveted all along. Johnson is a class act.

3) Jermaine Phillips: Joe likes how this top flight safety is willing to switch to linebacker at 30 years old and play for less money than his backup in the secondary last year, Will Allen, re-signed for in the offseason. If Joe were skeptical, he’d think Phillips’ medical problems were more severe than anyone is saying and he was lucky to pass a physical. Regardless, Phillips is proving to be the ultimate team-first guy.

4) Jeff Jagodzinski: Coach Jags was so eager to return to the NFL, he interviewed for the Jets head coaching job not caring it would get him fired at Boston College. This is a man with ambition! Joe admires that. And it’s that ambition that could see Jags leave for a head coaching gig in 2010. Go get’em Jags. But Joe’s going to hate to lose you after you do a great job.

5) Josh Freeman: Joe likes how the bust-in-waiting quarterback handles himself: confident, soft-spoken, respectful, honest. Heck, he’s so honest he told the whole world the Byron Leftwich signing was a mere smokescreen. Also, Joe likes that ex-Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson says Freeman has excellent throwing technique. With good coaching, Freeman could be prepared to take the reigns in 2011, when he turns 23.

6) Ronde Barber: The Bucs icon will forever be loved by Bucs fans. And now, once Brian Griese is inevitably booted from the roster, Barber will be the team’s elder statesman at 34 years old (and 1 month). Joe has a soft spot for the few guys on the roster older than the head coach.

7) Antonio Bryant: This guy was the savior of the 2008 season. Bryant never seemed to have a bad game and brought some nastiness and big-game talent to the Bucs’ receiving corps. And Joe had a great one-on-one conversation with him in the locker room following the Chargers game. Now Bryant is managing to support his family on a mere $10 million for the 2009 season without long term security from the Bucs. Remember, “Antonio Bryant  just doesn’t take care of Antonio Bryant.” The dude is a trooper.

8) Equal Opportunity: Joe loves that the Bucs don’t discriminate. They care about equal opportunity and aren’t intimidated by a man’s past, such as the horrendous sexual assault allegations linked to Jerramy Stevens. Those in Bucs management are far bigger men than Joe.

9) Gaines Adams: Entering Year 3 of his $46 million contract, Adams turns 26 next week. Happy Birthday, Gaines!  He’ll be an exciting player to watch in 2009! Joe is excited. Adams has a lot riding on his big shoulders. Another season of learning and yearning likely won’t cut it. Joe doubts the Bucs will pay him handsomely for a fourth year without a big season in ’09.

10) Salary Cap: Way under the salary cap yet again, the Bucs keep it exciting for fans 24/7. You never know who the Bucs might sign at any moment because they have the money to do anything. Most teams spend their money, but not these Bucs. They’ re ready for any player or trade to fall from the sky.

3 Responses to “10 Things Joe Loves About The Bucs”

  1. Sargeant Mike Says:

    The #1 thing I love about this website is: The Sarcasm! Because it’s free and it’s always there lerking in the background. You can’t buy this kind of sarcasm anywhere at any price. Nice!

  2. Joe Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Sargeant Mike.

    Joe wants to see the Bucs win as much as anyone. If the Bucs wouldn’t have jerked Joe around a few years ago, he’d still be a season ticket holder, roasting in the pink seats of the late-summer Florida sun.

    Joe is like any hardcore Bucs fan. He’s ready to go at 1 p.m. on football Sundays, ample supply of beer chilled in the fridge, wearing his Derrick Brooks jersey while sitting on the edge of his leather couch, screaming at the TV even though no one can hear him (except the neighbors).

    Joe never understood why one can’t be both informative and entertaining. And like most Bucs fans, Joe isn’t afraid to call people out when they need to be called out.

    After all, Joe’s a fan.

  3. Glazeher Says:

    # 11) Joe you forgot about ownership. The Bucs are so lucky to have an ownership. That can go out and get their man. Who cares if it is for the kickball team. Salary cap champions!!
    And Joe I to enjoy this site. The sarcasm is how Bucs fans weather the poor decisions that are made.