Son Of Bob And Johnson “Won’t Make It”

May 4th, 2009

No one knows for sure if Bucs quarterback bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman will start when the 2009 season begins or if Freeman will watch from the sidelines and be brought along when he is ready.

But Vacation man of is certain of one thing: Son of Bob and Raheem the Dream’s previous lovechild Josh Johnson,  not only won’t start, they won’t even be on the roster come September.

But the question everybody seems to want to know is if Freeman will be ready to say hello to the first-team huddle on the first snap of the regular season.

“I’ll answer that one like this: The starting quarterback thing, I’ll let you guys know the third preseason game,” Morris said. “I want these guys to compete.”

Griese or Johnson will be gone even before training camp and the one that isn’t won’t make it to the regular season. That leaves McCown and Leftwich and this really isn’t a competition.

As far as Joe can tell, Vacation Man was the first scribe to write, despite the prolonged sales pitch Raheem the Dream was on previously, that Johnson is toast.

This is why Joe cannot believe Raheem the Dream is not receiving much flack. If Chucky would be doing the same things, bragging up quarterbacks and then cutting them just weeks later, he’d be crucified.

Yet Raheem the Dream gets a free pass. Why?

3 Responses to “Son Of Bob And Johnson “Won’t Make It””

  1. JK Says:

    I’ll tell you why Joe. The Glazers only fired Gruden because the majority of the fans and especially the media called for his head. I don’t think the Glazers know that much about football. They do know how to make money. It didn’t matter who they hired. Their decision is safe for a year or two because the local writers and fans who wanted Gruden fired will never admit their mistake so soon. However all blame will fall on the quarterbacks head next season just like the old days. I sometimes wonder if Kiffin would have been released with Gruden because his defense quit resulting in us not making the playoffs.

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    I think a more realistic question is: what would a gruden bucs team have been without kiffin , I’m surprised gruden wasnt fired the day kiffin quit

  3. JK Says:

    I think kiffin QUIT about midseason when he decided to take the job at Tenn. The key word is he QUIT!!