Doug Williams Is Angry

May 4th, 2009

Doug Williams said blogs blasting the Josh Freeman pick are "unfair."

Former Bucs great and current Bucs pro personnel coordinator Doug Williams is upset. Angry at you, Bucs fans!

Williams heard the outcry from sane and sober Bucs fans over the team’s reach for trading up in the first round to acquire bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman. And Williams wants Bucs fans to know he heard your cries, and he’s mad that you have the gall to have an opinion, as reports Yahoo! Sports.

But Doug Williams, the team’s pro personnel coordinator and the club’s first franchise quarterback, said he believed the reaction was unfair.

“His K-State career was a lot like my Bucs’ career,” Williams said. “If K-State didn’t have Josh Freeman, they might have shut the program down. Josh Freeman was it for them. A lot of people that love the Wildcats might not want to hear that, but it’s fact.

“I read all the blogs and comments after the draft … I think it’s unfair. There ain’t nobody asking Josh to take the reins today.”

Before Joe gets going, he has to make two things quite clear:

* Joe loves Doug Williams. LOVES him. It took the Bucs 20 years to recover from jackass Hugh Culverhouse from not re-signing Williams (may Culverhouse rot in hell).

* Joe is humbled Williams reads his musings. Thank you Doug, and by all means don’t be a stranger!

But let’s be real: First off, Williams is wrong on two levels. If, given his premise the Bucs had a bunch of nobodies playing with him (anyone have cell numbers handy for Lee Roy Selmon, Batman Wood, Kevin House or Jimmie Giles?), then Williams’ career is near polar opposite of Freeman’s college days in that Williams led the Bucs to a within a touchdown of the Super Bowl. Freeman didn’t even lead his team to a low-rent Jan. 1 bowl game.

Second, while Williams is the best quarterback in Bucs history, he played with a pretty good team. Still, without a hurt Williams in the 1979 NFC Championship game, the Bucs offense was stagnant.

Even with Freeman, Kansas State didn’t do squat; had a losing season last year. Given the fact many other quarterbacks playing with a bunch of stiffs (Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith to name a few; both studs and duds in the NFL) were able to carry their teams to strong seasons their final year in college. So what’s that say about Freeman?

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