Signing Burress Would Be A Bad Move

May 29th, 2009

As Joe has pointed out, going after Plexiglass Burress is beyond dumb. Joe is not alone is his assessment. Also in agreement are Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots, co-hosts of “The Blitz” heard weekdays on Sirius NFL Radio. They opened today’s show with Burress-to-the-Bucs talk.

Schein was just amazed that Raheem the Dream would covet Burress so openingly. Wilcots seemed equally puzzled but thought the Bucs need to worry about other positions before they begin more lusting over the punk Burress.

Adam Schein: I can’t deny the talent of Burress but for a team in transition, I don’t know if you want the attitude that Burress will bring. Burress will want the ball. Winslow will want the ball. Bryant, despite what he told us the other day, will want the ball. Then you have five quarterbacks in Tampa Bay.

Solomon Wilcots: The problem with too many quarterbacks is that you don’t have one.

AS: Could you see the four-win Bucs in December trotting out Burress, Bryant, Winslow and Freeman? I’m rooting for the guys in Tampa. I like the guys in Tampa. I just don’t get what they are doing.

As Joe explained in much greater detail, no one knows when (or if) Burress will next play. Likely not this year, maybe not next year, perhaps not until 2012; nobody knows? So why is Dream getting all worked up over the noted NRA spokesman as if Dream just watched a Rachel Watson video?

2 Responses to “Signing Burress Would Be A Bad Move”

  1. Jorge Says:

    Joe, I am convinced that you are in fact CEO and President of Sirius; not to mention the producer for Shein/Wilcots “The Blitz”. You might also be moonlighting as one of Justin Pawlgdhfknsmoski’s interns, who knows…

  2. Joe Says:

    LOL No Jorge, but Sirius should be paying Joe for all the free advertising he does for them. That’s crossed Joe’s mind more than once.

    Joe is fortunate enough to have a day job where he listens either to Howard Stern or NFL Radio all day. (What passes for “talent” on local morning AM drive time radio is the best marketing tool for Sirius in the Tampa Bay region).

    Odd thing is, “Schein and Solly” interview more Bucs players or talk more Bucs then Bob Papa/Randy Cross/Peter King (“The Opening Drive”) do, hence why Joe is always referencing Schein and Wilcots.

    Joe doesn’t often get to listen to “Movin’ the Chains” in the afternoon as Joe usually listens to local sports radio at that point.

    As for Justin, let’s just say not only does Joe love his show, but regular readers of Joe know, Joe has a vested interest in seeing Justin’s show dominate.

    And no, Joe’s not a radio producer.