Sgt. Winslow Speaks

May 30th, 2009

Late Friday afternoon, Sgt. Winslow spoke with the czar of Tampa Bay electronic sports journalism, J.P. Peterson, on WQYK-AM 1010. Sgt. Winslow spoke about why he missed OTAs, his youth football camp and Raheem the Dream among other things.

J.P. Peterson: Tell me about your youth camp.

Sgt. Winslow: It’s an opportunity for kids to get taught some football fundamentals and have some fun.

J.P.: Is getting used to the community a priority?

SW: It’s giving back. I was fortunate growing up. There are a lot of people that are unfortunate. Some of these camps, you can never forget it.

J.P.: You caught a couple of touchdown passes in OTAs today. You like the theme of that?

SW: I am swimming right now trying to get into the groove. I’d say I’d give myself a “C” so far. I am learning. I’m grateful to be back out with the guys.

J.P.: Yeah, you missed some OTAs.

SW: It was a personal issue, a family issue and also we were moving so we were selling the house in Cleveland and making the move to Tampa. We had some personal things to deal with in San Diego and the move. I had an excuse from the head coach all the way to the owner so I don’t get why it was such a big deal.

J.P.: The fans see you have the big contact and want you out there. But fans wanted to hear from you and now that we have people are cool. People love the Bucs.

SW: Yeah, I can tell. No one wanted to be out there more than me. But I couldn’t. I had things to do. But now I am here and things are going smoothly.

J.P.: Tell me about the quarterbacks you are working with.

SW: I love the four quarterbacks. Competition breeds success. Leftwich is an experienced guy. Luke McCown is a veteran and we came into the league together at Cleveland. He’s one of my good friends. He is finally going to get a chance to prove himself. It’s his job to lose. Then you have Josh Johnson who is young and waiting to get his chance. Josh Freeman is getting used to the NFL life. It’s going to be fun.

J.P.: Tell us about offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

SW: Obviously to win in this league you have to run the football and we have good backs to do that. I am all for that. You have to put eight in the box and then you are going to have to decide if you are going to double-team me or Antonio or worry about Clayton. If we can run the football we can do anything. If we have to pass that changes things up. Whatever is working. If it’s the run we will hit you with that. If it’s the passing game we’ll hit you with play action.

J.P.: Tell us about the offensive line.

SW: It’s my first week here so I am just getting into the groove. I’ve learned not to make predictions in the league. Anything can happen. We’re going to work like anyone else. Coach Morris, he is so fun to be around. I can’t wait to get started. I mean it’s really neat. I love to be around this guy.

J.P.: Tell us about your meetings.

SW: [Raheem Morris] is the kind of a guy who will not BS you around. He will call you out when you need to be called out. He will pat you on the back when you need to be patted. He looks at people in the eyes. He’ points out the good things and the bad things. He’s a super motivational speaker. He gets people’s attention. When he is talking people are listening. That’s the big thing I see. I don’t see how you don’t like him. If you don’t like him, you love him.

J.P.: Outsiders see him as being over his head.

SW: Age is a number He is mature and enthusiastic. Gruden was here before him and Dungy before him. You have to wait your turn. Now it’s his turn.

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