Rosenhaus Touting Biggers

May 27th, 2009

While much has been made of what appears to be an absolute steal of a seventh round draft pick in wide receiver Sammie Stroughter, little has been written (or spoken) about the Bucs first selection in the seventh round this spring, Western Michigan cornerback E.J. Biggers.

However, Biggers’ agent, sleezy Drew Rosenhaus, is trying to change that.

Twittering away this morning, Rosenhaus is banging the drum for Biggers.

The Bucs drafted a sleeper in [Western Michigan] cb E.J. Biggers. I was at his pro day and watched him run a legitimate 4.32 forty. He can fly!

If Rosenhaus is accurate, and Joe is always suspicious of anything out of Rosenhaus’ mouth, that’s a very good thing that Biggers has wheels. As Whitey Herzog once said of baseball prospects who can throw near 100 mph, “We can teach a pitcher control but we can’t teach a guy to throw 100.”

In football, a defensive back can be coached how to cover and how to tackle. You can’t coach a guy to run fast. Speed kills.

In an aside, Joe finds it amusing that Rosenhaus, who loves to Twitter so much, has been absolutely silent about getting fired by Anquan Boldin.

One Response to “Rosenhaus Touting Biggers”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    I also dislike Rosenhaus, We all remember the bad advice he gave Errict Rhett back in the day. Hold out, Hold out! He never played seriously ever again. Injuries and stigma followed him. I met Rhett a couple of times and feel that his bad rap was truly a product of bad advice and bad management by said greeseball agent. Rhett came across as a well spoken down to earth cat. Wasted talent!