Ronde Barber Wants To Spy On Bathrooms

May 4th, 2009

Ronde Barber either wants ventilation or easy access for peeping Toms

One of Joe’s favorite Bucs players, good guy Ronde Barber, who once was kind enough to Joe to give him a few brief moments of his busy time, sat down with for sort of a puff piece. Barber talks about what he likes, doesn’t like and what he would change about a variety of things.

Though most of Barber’s comments are interesting, there was one eye-opening statement when asked what he would change about sports facilities.

Can we get a window in the bathrooms? Seriously.

Uuuummm… Joe doesn’t know what to make of this, unless Barber was hinting he wanted access to the private quarters of the Bucs cheerleaders? Joe can’t blame Barber for that.

But personally, having spent a good amount of time in the heat of September Sundays in a bathroom at the CITS, Joe has no desire to look into a CITS bathroom any more than he has to.

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