Bucs Drafting Freeman Doesn’t “Make Sense”

May 4th, 2009
Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots of Sirius NFL Radio like the Bucs move of Alex Smith to New England for a fifth round pick. The rest of the Bucs offseason moves? Not so much.

Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots of Sirius NFL Radio like the Bucs move of Alex Smith to New England for a fifth round pick. The rest of the Bucs' offseason moves? Not so much.

A Bucs fan called Sirius NFL Radio this morning to vent with co-host Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots on “The Blitz” over the Bucs drafting quarterback Josh Freeman in the first round as opposed to not drafting a defensive player.

Both Schein and Wilcots felt the Bucs fan’s pain.

Adam Schein: I thought [the Bucs] would draft Josh Freeman. When we talked to Raheem Morris at the combine, not only did he rave about Freeman, you just saw his face light up.

It’s been a confusing offseason in Tampa. There just doesn’t seem to be logic or correlation between the draft and the trades and the signing of Leftwich. I look at what Tampa is doing and I scratch my head.

Solomon Wilcots: The draft for Tampa Bay was one of those things like Denver: The moves didn’t match the draft. To re-sign Luke McCown, you are left to think he’s the starter. But then you go out and sign Byron Leftwich and then you spend a first round pick and draft Freeman? So why did you go out and get these other guys [quarterbacks]?

Winslow, I’m excited about that. And then they get a fifth round pick by sending Alex Smith to New England, that makes sense. But the other moves don’t make sense.

Wilcots went on to say that he thought the revolving door at quarterback under Chucky hurt Smith’s development.

Later in the afternoon, a caller by the moniker of “Greg in Tampa” called to ask why the Bucs are not beefing up the defense. Both Schein and Wilcots couldn’t respond with a valid excuse.

AS: Maybe [the Bucs] think it’s against the collective bargaining agreement to bring in people on defense?

SW: There was a huge purge. Who is going to be the next Derrick Brooks? When is Gaines Adams going to step up? What are they going to do with the defensive interior line? Do they need more size? What about the defensive backfield? Are they going to play more man than zone coverage and if so who and how are they going to do it?

It must have been Bucs call-in day on “The Blitz” because Schein and Wilcots fielded yet another Bucs call on Freeman in the final hour of the show.

AS: I’m not a Freeman guy. He’s way too much boom or bust. [The Bucs] could have gone with a quarterback later in the draft. There were too many players that would have fit that defensive scheme they could have drafted early.

SW: It’s not that I don’t like Freeman; I didn’t like him [picked] there. Do you expect him to play year one? If so, do you expect him to light it up? Hey, he better be able to do some things once he gets in there. He may not have to play year one but if he does, wow. The bloom will come off that rose real quick.

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