Josh Johnson Speaks

May 28th, 2009

Bucs backup quarterback Josh Johnson made a brief appearance on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Blitz” co-hosted by Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots this afternoon. Of course, Joe was listening. Of course, Joe took notes.

Solomon Wilcots: When all things are said, you will have played with a lot of different quarterbacks there in Tampa Bay.

Josh Johnson: It’s great for competition, having five quarterbacks.

Adam Schein: Were you disappointed when Gruden got fired? You were a Gruden guy were you not?

JJ: Yeah, it was bittersweet. I loved playing for him. He’s exceptionally smart, a great coach. But with Raheem, it was a relief because we already knew him and we were comfortable with him. It’s a business. It had to be done but with Raheem, it’s a good fit, a good feel.

SW: What was your take on the Bucs drafting a quarterback, Josh Freeman, in the first round?

JJ: I don’t care too much who they drafted. It was necessary for the team the front office thought. Fine with me. I was told I would compete and that is what I am doing. Doesn’t matter who you bring in. You eventually have to do it on the field. I do what I can to help the team and I will do what I can to help him. But it’s all about competition. You have to go out and prove it. It will all take care of itself.

AS: Is the competition fair? Let’s be honest: The team went out and signed Byron Leftwich. They drafted Freeman in the first round. Are you getting a fair shake?

JJ: Yeah, it’s fair. We are all getting our reps. Everyone is getting used to the system. We’re getting ready for training camp. When we get on the field, that’s when the starter will be determined. Raheem told us to prove it on the field and it will all take care of itself.

SW: Five guys? That’s hard to get five guys the equal number of reps. Is it hard to get five guys the even number of reps?

JJ: It is hard but we’ve all been getting a consistent about of reps because there is no determined starter. Plus, we are in all in competition. You can’t take a snap off. You can’t be complacent.

AS: How do you think you are doing?

JJ: I’m doing really well. I’m getting the opportunities I get. I’m showing I can lead this offense. There’s only one quarterback under center at one time and he has to get the job done. So far I’m doing good and I am really excited about the opportunity I’m getting. The excitement will happen in preseason when I’m facing someone other than our own defense.

SW: Tell us about Kellen Winslow.

JJ: He’s one helluva tight end. He’s looking real good.

AS: How has the direction of the offense changed?

JJ: There’s a little different things about the offense but there’s a lot that is similar. The terminology is different and the coaches are taking a different approach. But some things are a little different. The run game is a little different with the zone blocking. But you grow into it and I’m glad I have a year under my belt. My transition has been going pretty smooth.

SW: What kind of team are we going to see? Will it be a west coast offense?

JJ: It’s like a hybrid version. A lot of things are similar but there’s a little difference here and there. Right now we are establishing ourselves. We’re seeing what guys can do what. We’re getting a good feel for training camp.

AS: How do you think Gruden will do on Monday Night Football?

JJ: He will do great. He will give fans his mind. They’ll see how smart he is. He will do a great job. The little segments I’ve seen of him on the NFL Network I’ve liked. Fans will see he’s a funny guy.

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