“It Would Stun Me If Luke Beats Out Leftwich”

May 14th, 2009

The Byron Leftwich bandwagon is growing

The Professor, better known as BSPN’s renowned football reporter John Clayton, gives no weight to quarterback Luke McCown’s proclamation of being the starter-in-waiting in Bucs camp.

“It would stun me if Luke beats out Leftwich,” Clayton said Wednesday on 1040 AM while talking to the Fabulous Sports Babe.

Clayton went on to say Leftwich greatly impressed the Steelers during his time there and in a good way was a frustrated backup to Ben Roethlisberger.

“You talk to him, he was excited whenever he saw Roethlisberger go down on the field then disappointed when Ben would get up and stay in the game,” Clayton said. “He wanted to get in there that badly. Roethlisberger has a way of getting hit and staying down on the field for a while but staying in the game. …That frustrated Leftwich in a good way.”

Asked about bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman’s comments that Raheem The Dream told Freeman signing Leftwich was a mere smokescreen to help ensure the Bucs could select Freeman, Clayton laughed that off.

“Nobody was deceived. Everybody knew they were going to take Freeman and wanted him that much.” Clayton said.

Joe is intrigued by this support of unwavering support of Leftwich, Earnest Graham even had strong praise for him yesterday.  The QB controversy is shaping up.

Raheem the Dream told the Sarasota Herald Tribune a couple of weeks ago that he would name a starter by the third preseason game.  That day will be a defining one in Bucs history, for sure.

One Response to ““It Would Stun Me If Luke Beats Out Leftwich””

  1. dave Says:

    The only reason Graham didn’t give his support for McCown, he wasn’t asked. He was asked specifically about Leftwich, not McCown, none of the these national bozos give Luke a chance. Hopefully Morris will play the best player, but I’m beginning to have doubts.