Freeman’s Timetable

May 14th, 2009

To give bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman the best chance at success, Joe hopes Freeman doesn't take the field until 2010. But an ESPN beat writer thinks there will be pressure to play Freeman for at least half a season in 2009.

As if loyal readers don’t already know, Joe hopes bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman stays on the bench for the 2009 season.

Not because Joe doesn’t like Freeman (that’s not true). Not because Joe would prefer someone else succeed at QB.

Joe is just confident Freeman is best served soaking it all in for one season.

The Glazer Boys themselves said they were commited to building through the draft. Well if they are not full of garbage, that has to include giving players time to develop, not throwing an unproven 21-year-old QB from a losing college team to the wolves in the NFL.

So that’s why Joe was troubled to read that NFC South beat writer Pat “Vacation Man” Yasinskas, who has been around the Bucs for many years, thinks Freeman will see the field by Week 8 in 2009.

Rem in Tampa writes: Hey Pat, the quarterback situation here in Tampa is a big question. But, who do you think ends up winning the starting postion in week 1? Does Freeman have a chance?

Pat Yasinskas: Here’s my best guess: Luke McCown opens the season as the starter. Unless the Bucs get off to a miraculous start, I think the team will feel pressure to get Josh Freeman on the field. They’ve got a Week 8 game against the Patriots in London, followed by a bye week. My guess is Freeman will be starting the ninth game.

Why the “pressure” Vacation Man? What do you know? Tell us.

Joe is praying Freeman sits out 2009. Significant playing time in 2009 is unlikely to be beneficial to his development. If the Bucs are out of it and want to play him the last two games of the season, Joe’s fine with that. But please, no more.

Of the Bucs final six games, four are on the road. If the Bucs are out of contention with six games to play, that means they stink. And if that’s the case, Joe would prefer Freeman not be rolled out to take a beating or have to throw 40 times a game.

One Response to “Freeman’s Timetable”

  1. Jay Says:

    Josh Johnson not Josh Freeman. Rahim is not the answer as head coach. If he was, he would’ve taken a couple of looks at Josh Johnson working out and AUTOMATICALLY dubbed him the qb of the future. You’ll see for yourself in the preseason when Josh (Johnson) will CLEARLY outplay every qb on the Bucs roster. Then what?! I’ll give Rahim 3 years tops to SURVIVE as coach.