It Can’t Get This Bad

May 31st, 2009

Former bust-in-waiting quarterback Vinny Testaverde's name was evoked in a story about renowned losers

Though a lot of people think the Bucs will be among the dregs of the NFL this season, take heart Bucs fans: It won’t get that bad.

Joe was cruising through and read a story about the losingest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Take a guess who leads the list? Yup. Vinny Testaverde. He lost 123 games as a starter. Yikes.

(Oddly enough three of the four next quarterbacks on the list are in the Hall of Fame, led by Fran Tarkenton.)

Norm Snead played 16 years, mostly with the Redskins and Eagles at their historic nadirs. He even reached four Pro Bowls. But he enjoyed just one winning season in his career, leading the 1972 Giants to an 8-5 record in 13 starts. Boomer Esiason had the misfortune of being drafted by the Bungles, while Vinny T. wound up with the equally pathetic Bucs, where he never enjoyed a winning season. Testaverde certainly contributed to the struggles with a single-season NFL record 35 INTs with the Bucs in 1988 (George Blanda threw 42 picks with the AFL Oilers in 1962).

So Bucs fans, if this season starts to circle the drain, it can’t be as bad as the dark days of the Culverhouse Era.

Can it?

One Response to “It Can’t Get This Bad”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    Nothing can be nearly as bad as the Culverhouse era in the late 1980’s when just didn’t give a shit. As dumb and numb as the Glazer boys are I think they really want a winner on the field and I think the fact that season tickets are no longer sold out they may have to open the purse strings to create excitement as one crazy losing season with all the menusha thats been going on will deplete the season ticket crowd even more and the Glazer boys can’t afford that. That would even make it hard to sell the team at a reasonable profit in todays economy. Plaxico, if able to play, would be a nice Buzz pickup and maybe a defender or two.