“I Don’t Read The Newspapers.”

May 16th, 2009

Joe’s been a bit busy of late (as Joe will document shortly later) so he’s a little — to use a famous David Lee Roth word — “tardy” with this, and Joe sincerely apologizes.

Seems as though former Bucs great Warren Sapp is no fan of the 19th Century version of news delivery.

In what usually is an entertaining element of his new job as a yakker with the NFL Network, Sapp periodically takes part in a live chat on NFL.com.

There, Sapp made an unusual comment that the Bucs offense is “a championship caliber offense.”

When a reader took exception with Sapp’s comment, Sapp had a  unique response.

“Stop being a fan, might want to learn something. I actually went to the facility. I don’t read the newspapers.”

With all due respect to Sapp, who has excelled at the height of football, Joe isn’t aware of too many “championship caliber offense(s)” where nobody knows who the starting quarterback is.

One Response to ““I Don’t Read The Newspapers.””

  1. Mike Says:

    I didn’t know Sapp “chatted” with fans. I thought he either ignored them or spat at them. Sapp know defense, notice how he withheld comment on them.