Jimbo Fisher Talks To Joe

May 16th, 2009

Though Joe expected to have a sit-down with Bobby Bowden and talk Bucs on Friday in Clearwater, Joe instead got a few moments with Bowden's successor at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher.

No, this isn’t a college football blog.

Joe was scheduled to have a sit-down with Florida State coach Bobby Bowden in Clearwater on Friday. Bowden has all kinds of indirect connections to the Bucs. One of which is his close relationship with former Bucs and Florida State greats Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn. Joe knows Bowden and Brooks talk quite often and Joe was hoping to get Bowden’s take on Brooks’ current situation.

Joe could just listen to Bowden talk all afternoon. He’s a great storyteller. Once, Bowden was telling Joe a story about how, as a young coach, he used to go to Vince Lombardi and Paul Brown’s NFL training camps to try to pick up on things. Of course Bowden was close to Bear Bryant. How many people still walking (much less still coaching) can talk about how they used to break bread and talk football with those three giants of the game, arguably the three greatest football coaches?

Anyway, Bowden was sick and at the last minute ordered to stay home by doctors. In his place, his successor at Florida State and the team’s current offensive coordinator, Jimbo Fisher pinch-hit. Since Fisher was in a rush and his schedule so tight, Joe was fortunate enough to get a few scant moments with Fisher. He had some insights into a couple of Bucs issues.

Joe: You coached against Bucs new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski when he was at Boston College. Are you glad he’s gone to the NFL?

Jimbo Fisher: (laughs) No, I’m not glad anybody is gone. He did a great job at Boston College. I didn’t know him that well other than coaching against him the last two years and we went 1-1 against him. He’s done a great job. He got them to the ACC championship game twice in a row. I think he’ll do a great job in Tampa Bay.

Joe: Do you come into contact much with (former Bucs and Florida State greats) Derrick Brooks or Warrick Dunn?

Jimbo: They come around quite often and are very involved. Whenever you talk to them or need them, they’ll be down. They’re quite visible in the program.

Joe: Tell me about Geno Hayes. Your offense went up against him every day in practice. What was he like?

Jimbo: Geno is athletic. Boy, he could run. Geno is very unique in that he was physical but he could run with your backs. You couldn’t isolate him in space. He was such a great space player and a great athlete.

Joe: What do you make about some in the Bucs organization who think Hayes will replace Brooks?

Jimbo: I’m not in the NFL (smiles). Now, Geno is a great player, but you are talking about replacing a 10-time All-Pro and a Hall of Famer? I guess that’s like replacing the winningest coach in college football. I think we both will have our hands full.

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  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Wow – talk about original content! I guess all those Johnny-come-lately here to JoeBucsFan were right about Joe just posting negative un-original posts – NOT!!!

    Thanks Joe for some original insight. Now about those pics…

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    P.S. Joe can you do some one-on-one interviews with the PETA people next???????

  3. Joe Says:

    Thanks Mr. Lucky.

    Joe will see about the PETA crowd.