Freeman Screws Up In Practice

May 20th, 2009

Running back Derrick Ward talks about a long learning curve for the Bucs' new "franchise" quarterback

Yes, Joe is just having a little fun with the headline here. Of course, every player, not just bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman, makes mistakes in practice. It’s truly no big deal whatsoever.

During these dog days of spring, when there’s just not enough happening for NFL junkies, Joe is grateful for the second-rate Bright House Sports Network. Their nightly local sports show airs regular interviews and footage from the Bucs’ OTAs, in addition to showcasing the sultry Roxanne Wilder, who Tweets while she shaves her legs.

Interviewed yesterday, running back Derrick Ward talked about how Josh Freeman missed a read and thought it was Ward’s fault. Ward said he corrected the rookie and Ward talked about how Freeman would have a learning curve with the offense likely through the entire 2009 season.

The cut, for what it’s worth, came across a like Ward didn’t see Freeman as a starter in 2009. And Joe found the comment a little odd considering how simple the offense is supposed to be.-

Also interviewed was Luke McCown. When asked about Warren Sapp saying the Bucs have a championship-caliber offense but a questionable defense, McCown quickly defended the defense and remarked about the great speed the Bucs have on D. “Our speed on defense is right at the level we had four or five years ago.”

McCown also advised fans to “keep your eye on Michael Clayton. …Don’t bet against him.” To this Joe couldn’t help but think perhaps it should be Clayton keeping his eye on the dark brown pigskin.

2 Responses to “Freeman Screws Up In Practice”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    “Roxanne Wilder, who Tweets while she shaves her legs.”………
    LOL…..I didn’t need to read any further

  2. denny Says:

    shouldn’t the guy get to play some games before he is labled a bust ???