Come Home Jenn; Work For The Bucs

May 18th, 2009
Take off that vile Jets gear Jenn!

Take off that vile Jets gear Jenn!

A few days ago the Watchdog, Neil Best of Newsday, reported¬† Tampa’s very own Jenn Sterger is no longer the Jets game day host.

For those not familiar with Sterger, the pride of Lutz, her story is an example of the power of the electronic media. Combine TV with the internet and horny guys, and voila! A celebrity is born.

In short, though Sterger, who later became (in)famously known as “The Cowgirl,” claims she was innocently spotted with her friends in the crowd at Doak Campbell Stadium for a Miami-Florida State game (Joe has his serious doubts), her lack of clothing (she claims she disrobed due to someone spilling beer on her blouse) combined with her store-bought features (she admits this) and crazy fans on shot her to stardom.

To Sterger’s credit, she used her 15 minutes of fame to get a gig with, a Playboy and Maxim expose’ and later a job with the Jets which she recently quit.

(One of her Cowgirl friends, Fabiola, used this exposure to become a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Joe strongly encourages readers to utilize the “Full Screen” option of that link. Joe promises it will help you navigate this dreary Monday morning.)

Now that Sterger has quit the Jets it’s time to make amends. Come home Jenn. You can now flaunt your wares for the Bucs.

More importantly, take off those filthy Jets clothes!

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