“With The 19th Pick The Bucs Select… “

April 4th, 2009

” …Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers.”

So believes Evan Silva of Rotoworld, writing for NBCSports.com.

Ayers’ terrific postseason catapulted him into round one despite a three-sack senior season. He’s adequately built to play left defensive end in a base 4-3 system and Tampa has made no effort to re-sign incumbent LE Kevin Carter. New coordinator Jim Bates wants to get bigger up front and likely would prefer to keep Greg White as a situational rusher.

Joe wouldn’t be opposed to the Bucs drafting a defensive end in the first round. But if the Bucs do, as Joe has asked in the past, wouldn’t such a move be a signal that they’ve given up hope in Gaines Adams?

One Response to ““With The 19th Pick The Bucs Select… “”

  1. Greg T Says:

    I couldnt disagree with Joe more on this. No ones talking about a replacement for Gains Adams. Another DE on the other side would help the whole line. One of our DEs were a 5th overall pick, the other was delivering Pizzas. Gee wonder whos getting replaced. Remember back in the Glory days Bucs had Sapp, McFarlin, Rice, and Spires? All former first rounders I belive? Lets start Improving that line!!!