Bryant’s Salary Rises; Stock Drops?

April 4th, 2009

Joe isn’t into fantasy football, though he knows many Bucs fans are. Rather, Joe is into other fantasies that in some circles could be classified as R-rated, thus he won’t go into detail about them here.

Though regular readers might have a good guess as to what Joe’s fantasies could include.

Gregg Rosenthal of is a fantasy football guy. He claims that, despite a breakout season with the Bucs last year, wide receiver Antonio Bryant will suffer in 2009.

Bryant’s career year had the perfect recipe: Jon Gruden, minimal competition at wideout, and motivation born from a career on the brink.

The 2009 concoction doesn’t look as tasty: a first-time NFL offensive coordinator, Luke McCown at quarterback, and a $9.8 million payday. At least the Bucs still have mediocrity behind him at wideout. Calling Bus Cook, stat!

Sometimes Joe reads Rosenthal and shakes his head, wondering if he has any clue what he’s writing about. If anything Bryant should have a better year. The Bucs new offense will throw the ball downfield much more which means more yards per catch which likely means more touchdowns.

Joe can honestly say he got through college without having to take algebra (thank God for journalism degrees, otherwise, Joe might still be in college if he had to take algebra). But this nonsense Rosenthal spouts doesn’t doesn’t add up for Joe.

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