The Rings, Please

April 30th, 2009

As the dust settles from the NFL Draft, analyst Bob Fox shares a take on the Josh Freeman pick in the Features section.

This is Fox’s post. So Joe has refrained from using the prefix “bust-in-waiting” before the name Josh Freeman.

Check out Fox’s take here.

2 Responses to “The Rings, Please”

  1. Buccanay Says:

    Re; Features. Gee, thats nice. I watched the first day of the draft with my friend Lori who might be the biggest Buc fan ever (only 10,000 people make that claim) and her input means about as much as yours, mine and Docs. There were plenty of picks that the Bucs did not take, about 250, each of which could prove to be better than a player taken before them. But I don’t think the Bucs were looking for a TE (Pettigrew) or center (Mack) and Peria Jerry was alreay written off; they didn’t want Harvin, just like 21 other teams and Vontae Davis may have a Vernon Davis complex, I don’t know; do you? (you forgot Everett Brown)
    Doc said he would’ve loved BJ Raji; sure, me too. Or Aaron Curry, Jason Smith or Orakpo. But they were GONE!

    “As I said, draft picks hold the key to the future. Troy Aikman proved that with the Cowboys, as he won three Super Bowl rings.” Troy was also the number one pick overall and was 0-11 his first year starting; then came Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, an all-pro OL and defense to match.

    Also, didn’t I see a (another) mock draft of yours (or maybe Justin Ps) that had Freeman going at 17 to the Jets?

  2. Bob F. Says:

    I appreciate your comments Buccanay. First off, I said that Doc was the biggest Buc fan the I know. And I know a lot of rabid Buc fans. The guy eats, breathes and sleeps the Bucs. But I’m sure there are others that are very similar to Doc in their allegiance to the Bucs.

    My mock drafts had the Bucs taking Peria Jerry in the first mock draft, Robert Ayers in the second and Clay Matthews in the third. By the way, the Bucs have said that they would have probably picked Vontai Davis if Josh Freeman would have been picked before they made their selection.

    I never wanted the Bucs to take Freeman in any mock draft. In fact, this is what I said…

    “Also, the Bucs should NOT try and trade up to get a player, especially a guy like QB Josh Freeman. The Bucs have already mortgaged a lot for a player in Winslow, who may not have a lot of tread left on his tires. The Bucs need to get more draft choices, not trade away draft choices for this year and in the future.”

    The reason I mentioned Aikman (yes I am well aware of the other people you mentioned that the Cowboys drafted that came about partly because of the Herschel Walker trade) was because he was the key cog in that Dallas machine. The Cowboys also did a similar thing early in their JJ/JJ regime when they cut loose Tom Landry, much like Dominik and Morris did with Derrick Brooks.

    We shall see what the future holds for Freeman and the Bucs.